The Firearm Blog: Ruger SFAR Is So Light


The Firearm Blog finds the Ruger SFAR to be so light that it's ridiculous... "In this episode of TFBTV, Hop takes a look at one of the lightest, most compact .308 ARs on the market: the Ruger SFAR. The SFAR or Small Frame Autoloading Rifle isn’t an AR-10 or LR-308 pattern rifle, but rather an AR-15 size rifle chambered in .308 Winchester. The 16″ barrel version of the SFAR reviewed for this video weighs in at under 7 lbs out of the box.

Timerzanov Airsoft: Tokyo Marui Ruger LCP II NBB


Timerzanov Airsoft reviews one of the newest CCW fixed slide gas pistol from Tokyo Marui, the Ruger LCP II NBB... "Hi there ! For this Tuesday video I offer you a novelty from Tokyo Marui, I present to you today the LCP II! A tiny, cute, easily concealable replica perfect for games with a prisoner scenario. This replica is an NBB entirely in ABS but has incredible shooting performance... In short, I let you discover that in the video!

Mach Sakai With The Tokyo Marui Ruger P08 Air Cocking Pistol


Mach Sakai goes vintage with this review as he goes over the Tokyo Marui Ruger P08 Air Cocking Airsoft Pistol that was first introduced in 1985. He checks the details of the external features if they are faithful to the real world P08 as well its operations. As always, a quick steel challenge is also required to see how it performs.

Maruzen Ruger Mini-14 1985


Mach Sakai checks out a version of the Ruger Mini-14 1985 Edition as made by Maruzen that is a pump-action and spring ejecting airsoft rifle. The Ruger Mini-14 is a semi-auto rifle that was released for use by military, law enforcement and civilians. There are different versions that can fire either the 5.56mm or the 7.62mm round. Video shows a walkthrough of the features, mag drop test, live shoot test, and a quick steel challenge.

TFB: Ruger PC Charger Review


Looking for another real steel subcompact to be produced for airsoft? Check the Ruger PC Charger, a 9mm subcompact that gets reviewed by The Firearm Blog... "In this episode of TFBTV, Hop takes the brand new Ruger PC Charger for a spin. The PC Charger is a pistol variant of the Ruger PC Carbine, much like the original Charger is a pistol variant of the 10/22. When fully kitted out with a brace and red dot, the PC Charger is a capable 9mm micro subgun."

Salty Old Gamer: Ruger P345 PR


Need a backup airsoft gun but on very tight budget? Here is one option for you, the Ruger P345 PR and the Salty Old Gamer reviews it before you take the plunge and purchase it... "Just looking for a backup airsoft sidearm to carry onto the field? Sometimes less is more. This is an extreme budget airsoft pistol, but check out how it performs! We're going over every inch of this Ruger P345 PR airsoft pistol so that, by the end of this video, you'll know if it's worth it."

Mach Sakai: Tanaka P08 Luger Review


Another period airsoft gun review by Mach Sakai. For this review he has the Tanaka P08 Luger Midnight Gold Gas Blowback pistol which is a 1:1 airsoft copy of the World War II Pistol. This has a nice plastic finishing, with a gas operated toggle action just like in the real thing and comes with full markings. He finds it better to shoot it one-handed than having a two-handed weaver stance. He recommends it to be more of a display piece but can be used for some practice shooting from time to time.

LWA: KJ Works Ruger MK.1


Now in the UK, the Ruger MK 1, courtesy of Landwarrior Airsoft.... "High power and extremely efficient non-blowback pistol. This is very similar in performance to the TM Socom although the Ruger provides a far superior use of the gas. On a warm day with Abbey Ultra you could push up to 400 fps. This is a perfect sniper back up as it's slim design, light design gives you all the benefits with no draw backs. Truly a mans pistol!


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