Helikon Raider Backpack At Military 1st


Available right now at the Military 1st online store is the Raider Backpack from Helikon-Tex... "Helikon Raider is a versatile tactical backpack with a customisable main compartment, organiser and sunglasses pockets at the front, two open-top side pockets, and a collapsible, partly elastic so-called Beaver tail flap.

Venture Shop Tests The G&G GR-15 Raider Long EBB


The G&G GR-15 Raider Long EBB is available at Venture Shop and they do a test to check how it performs... "Today we bring you another very cool review of the great G&G, the AEG M4A1 GR15 Raider-L Airsoft Rifle with Blowback! An incredible rifle of excellent quality made with Metal Gear Box in STANDARD V2, ensuring greater efficiency so that it does not damage during your airsoft match.

AceTech RAIDER Tracer Unit At X-Force Tactical


X-Force Tactical show that the AceTech RAIDER Tracer Unit can be used with gel blasters as well... "At X-Force Tactical we are dedicated to bringing you the coolest toy guns and gel blasters available.

Today we have a look at another cool Acetech products, and this time it's the Raider Tracer unit with it's built-in Blaster M tracer. This is a very cool stubby suppressor unit with the added affects of a tracer and flame for your enjoyment."

Acetech Raider Tracer Test


One of the tracer units in the market, the Acetech Raider, gets tested by Sniper Airsoft Supply which has it in stock... "Brand new: The Raider Tracer from Acetech! With this tracer unit, playing airsoft in the dark is a lot of fun! Acetech has already released several tracer units, which are also available in our online shop.

L'Antre Du Dingo: AceTech Raider


A good review of the latest muzzle device from ACETech Raider by L'Antre Du Dingo. This unit does what new generation tracer units and muzzle flash generators from Acetech which the airsoft player can use just the tracer feature or the muzzle flash generaor or both. This should be available at airsoft retailers now.

Airsoft Mike's Acetech Raider Tracer Unit Unboxing


Airsoft Mike unboxes and gives an overview of the Acetech Raider, the latest muzzle device that is a tracer unit and a muzzle flash generator. Both features can be used at the same time and the muzzle flash generator makes gives some realism when firing an airsoft gun with the compatible thread.

BB2K Airsoft With The Acetech RAIDER


Acetech got another tracer and muzzle flash generator unit available with a new design that has a more aggressive look called the RAIDER. BB2K Airsoft got one to test out in this video review... "With the Raider, Acetech has brought a new Muzzle Flash Generator and Tracer onto the market that goes a step further in terms of optics.

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09 Aug 2022

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