Fox Airsoft: All About Optics


Fox Airsoft gives a lesson about optics. Recommended for those starting out in airsoft and still having a hard time which type of aiming devices to use... "Want to improve your capabilities with your gun? There are many types of optics that exist -- all with their own pros and cons that present themselves when used in their suited purposes. This video will cover the types of optics available in the world of airsoft and what they can do for you."

Focuhunter Tactical Red Dot Sight Review


JAG Airsoft does a review on what he considers to be the best budget red dot sight for 2020, the Focuhunet Tactical Red Dot... "Today we are looking at one of my favourite optics for Airsoft and in my opinion possibly one of the best and most affordable - FOCUHUNTER Tactical Red Dot Sight.

I would not recommend this for use with genuine firearms.

Why Use Real Optics For Airsoft Use


This is the second video we've watched that justifies the use of the real deal optics than replicas for use on airsoft guns. The Recon Brothers make the case why you should... "In our experience knock-off optics have the tendency to easily fail. In our frustrations we quickly learned to look for something better and here real firearm optics came in place. These genuine red-dots, holographic sights, telescopic sights and scopes are build to endure.

Besta Airsoft: Zeroing Your Optics


One of the first things for a beginner to learn when shooting is using the sights and that includes optics which need to be zeroed in before one can go to the field. Besta Airsoft gives some pointers in zeroing in this video... "Zeroing Optics is important to be more effective on the field, in this video we show you some considerations that you need to have in order to do it properly."

Aim-O 1-4x24 Tactical Scope Review


The Aim-O 1-4x24 Tactical Scope is a clone of the NightForce and it is widely at many airsoft retailers worldwide. This has a 24mm diameter aiming ojective area with 1-4 variable magnification levels of zooming. Other features are adjustable focus and reticule position. It has plastic flip-up lens covers, scope mount, and can be readily mounted on 20mm rails. Michael's Hobby Stop takes a look at this if it is good enough for airsoft use in this video.

Brain Exploder: "Why I Use REAL Optics On My FAKE Guns"


Whilst many of us in airsoft are happy using replica optics on our airsoft guns, the Brain Exploder prefers to use the real deal. He explains why in his video and also shows the real optics he uses... "I go into a detailed history of how I ended up owning real optics designed for real firearms, why I believe they are worth the price and why I will never use knock offs or poor quality imitations.

I highly recommend these optics and I have no regrets on purchasing any of them."

SIG Sauer Romeo 4H Red Dot Review


Tom's Airsoft Channel reviews the SIG Sauer Romeo 4H Red Dot Sight. This is for modern semi-automatic pistols, MSR platforms and shotguns and comes standard with solid and see-through lens covers and quick release mount. It has Ballistic Circle-Dot and Ballistic Circle QuadPlex reticle options and users shooters can select from 4 different integrated reticle options (Dot, Circle-Dot, Dot with Holds, Circle-Dot with Holds).

Trijicon MRO HD with 3X Magnifier


Military Arms Channel takes a look at the Trijicon MRO HD with 3X Magnifier in this video and wonders what's going on with the reticle... "Trijicon has a new RDS called the MRO (Miniature Rifle Optic) HD. The new MRO HD was optimized to work with their new 3X magnifier."

Leupold HAMR Replica Review


SAT & Gaming Airsoft takes a look at the Leupold HAMR replica. Available for airsoft use, this optic is a red dot sight that comes with a built in back up red dot optic... "Let's see if the Leupold HAMR replica is valid or not. I recently opened a Patreon to support me ... if you consider my work worthy I thank you for your contribution."

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