Nitro.Vo SIG MCX Short Handguard & Short Outer Barrel Set


Laylax got available the Nitro.Vo SIG MCX Short Hand Guard & Short Outer Barrel Set for use with the SIG Air ProForce MCX AEG... "A set of short hand guard, short outer barrel, and dummy gas block that can be attached to the SIG AIR MCX. The lightweight aluminum alloy hand guard and short outer barrel allow for light handling in CQB fields and the like. The battery can be placed inside the hand guard by using a dummy gas block.

Laylax Nitro.Vo Multi-Advanced Grip


New release from Laylax, the Nitro.Vo Multi-Advanced Grip which can be mounted to airsoft guns with Picatinny rails and even the Tokyo Marui MP7A1 (both AEG and GBB)... "A slender style foregrip that is ergonomically designed for ease of grip.

The compartment space inside the grip can store 'EVO Lipo Battery 7.4V / 1200mAh Vector & Stock Pipe-in ​​Type (sold separately)' and can be used as a battery space for models that cannot have a built-in battery.

Laylax Nitro.Vo QD Hole Covers


You might want these Nitro.Vo QD Hole Covers from Laylax if you don't want dirt or mud or any sticky stuff stuck inside the QD holes if not in use. It means less time cleaning your airsoft gun... "This product is a resin cover to prevent sand and dust from entering the inside of the QD hole.

It can be easily installed by simply tightening the center screw and protects unused QD holes.

Laylax Nitro.Vo TM SCAR NGRS M-Lok Handguard Booster


Available by tomorrow initially for Japanese airsoft market is the TM SCAR NGRS M-Lok Handguard Booster made under the Nitro.vo brand of Laylax... "It is an item that extends the hand guard exclusively for the Tokyo Marui SCAR series and enhances expandability.

You can use the rail on the side of the main body to lengthen the hand guard part of about 163 mm.

In addition, the rails on both sides use slots that comply with the M-LOK standard.

Nitro.vo Glaive KRISS Vector Handguards On Pre-Order


Change the length of your Krytac KRISS Vector AEG with these soon to be released Glaive M-Lok Handguards from Laylax's Nitro.vo brand, with options of going XL, S, and S (not L and M though). Ryan tells us more... "LayLax presents its renewed and designed handguard for the Krytac KRISS Vector! Customize your Vector for a variety of fields with our XS, S, and XL Glaive Handguards. Keep your Vector ultra-short and CQB ready with the XS MLOK Handguard, or go all out with the Carbine XL Glaive MLOK handguard to give your Vector the edge at longer ranges.

Laylax Nitro.vo MP5 M-Lok Hanguard Pre-Order


You can bring your old school Tokyo Marui MP5 AEG to the 21st Century by fitting it with an M-Lok MP5 Handguard produced by Laylax under the Nitro.vo brand. This will be released by the end of October 2020... "A rail hand guard compatible with M-LOK designed exclusively for the Tokyo Marui standard electric gun MP5. It can be used not only without processing, but also by simply replacing it with a genuine hand guard.

M-LOK Handguards For Type 89, P90, MP5, KRISS Vector & Steyr AUG


You can upgrade these classic favourite airsoft guns from Krytac and Tokyo Marui with M-Lok Handguards under the Nitro.vo brand from Laylax. Ryan explains more... "The airsoft industry has very close ties to the real steel firearms industry as many firearms companies have created their own sub brands of airsoft guns that mirror their actual firearms. Kriss USA and Sig Sauer are some of the high profile names when it comes to this shift in the industry with their Krytac and SigAir brands respectively.

NITRO.Vo M4 CQB-R Strike Rail System From Laylax


Give your M4 CQB-R a meaner look with the NITRO.vo M4 CQB-R Strike Rail System From Laylax. This mis mainly compatible to Tokyo Marui models... "A rail system that evolves the M4 CQB-R into a style that is more optimized for close combat!

Eliminating extra projections such as front sights and making the top rail and underrail fully flat allows for easy handling in closed spaces Will improve.

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