Shoei Correction, MP43, MP43/1, & MP44 Updates


Tomio sent in a correction regarding one of the sellers of SHOEI products and more information regarding the the MP43, MP43/1, and MP44 gun models... "Hi again to all our devoted customers.

I committed one mistake with the announcement yesterday. It is the of a Seller 'MWM Gillmann GmbH' website address of Germany. The correct address is as follows:

I also received some questions and realized that my explanation was lacking.

New SHOEI MP43/1, MP43, And MP44 Model Guns


Collectors of SHOEI Model guns get to have good news as there is an update from Japanese company on their new MP43/1, MP43, and MP44 models and information where you can order in their respective countries and regions. Plus an MP40 model is being planned... "We have already announced on our website and Facebook, we are currently frantically producing MP43/1, MP43, and MP44 model guns.

SHOEI MP44, G43 & FG42 Type 1 Update


The news the collectors and reenactors always wait for, the updates from SHOEI on their replicas of German-made World War II gun models and airsoft guns. If you are planning to order any or all of these, better move quickly as stocks are limited as always and you will have to wait long for another batch or might miss out when they end production of a certain model... "Thank you Always! This time it is an introduction of the information of the stock and the next model.

In stock now:

Neo035's AGM STG44/ MP44 AEG Review


Neoo35 reviews a more affordable STG44/MP44 airsoft replica for collectors and reenactors on a budget. The AGM MP44 AEG has electric blowback features and for its price, it's a full metal airsoft gun with a wooden stock. This comes with a metal magazine and looks solid enough to use. Watch the video below to find out more about it and click the language caption if your first language is not French.

Airsoft Atlanta AGM MP44 AEG Review


Affordable AGM MP44 AEG gets reviewed by Airsoft Atlanta which has this in stock... "AGM MP44 AEG (Metal & Wood Version). A great MP-44 airsoft replica rifle, for all you WW2 German buffs. It's also a great firing airsoft gun overall, sure to raise plenty of hell at your next battle. This is the enhanced, newest version with real wood and metal (not the faux style). It uses a standard M4 hopup chamber, so you can tweak it to your heart's content.

AGM Full Metal Sturmgewehr 44 AEG


Collectors or reenactors who are on a tight budget might want to check this MP44 AEG made by AGM and available at This is a full metal AEG with real wood stock and comes with magazine, sling, battery, and charger. The colour of the wood may not look exactly the same as in the photo below. Price is US$168.99.

Lancer Tactical Metal Real Wood MP44 AEG


Godfather Airsoft is taking in Lancer Tactical AEG stocks starting with this Full Metaland Real Wood MP44 AEG which is priced at US$215.49 at their online store... "Get your hands on one of the Most realistic MP44 Airsoft Electric Replicas on the market. The Lancer Tacitcal MP44 is one of the best looking and most realistic feeling MP44 AEGs on the market.

AGM MP44 with PolarStar Fusion Engine


Another conversion work by Bingo Airsoftworks, with the AGM MP44 AEG being the base gun with which they installed the PolarStar Fusion Engine, making the rifle ready to take in HPA tanks and a good performing airsoft gun which will be a welcome thing for those who prefer using HPA as power source when playing airsoft.

SHOEI MP44 Series Now Available


Update from SHOEI Japan on their MP44 series as they have actually starting selling this last month, a delay of a month as based on their previous announcement... "Dear Friends, Thank you very much for your continued patronage. We started sale of MP44 series model gun last month.  Stock of MP43/1 and StG44 was almost lost. Those interested in these models, please tell it to me in a hurry.

Quality Power MP44 Metal AEG


When looking for another retailer of the MP44 made by Quality Power, you can check Royal Tiger Gear as they also have it in stock for US$198.90. It's heavy at 4300g with the 460-round high capacity magazine on. It comes with an 8.2 stick type battery, full metal body, and wood butt stock. The price does not yet include shipping.

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