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Burntwolf Airsoft: AGM S&T MG42 Review

Burntwolf Airsoft reviews the most afforable airsoft MG42 in the market, the AGM MG42 AEG that is also known with the S&T and Matrix brands. This full metal bushings for the custom gearbox and comes with a steel 2,500-round magazine that is battery powered for autowinding... "Right then you orrible lot this week on Burntwolf airsoft im going to be taking alook at the AGM S&T MG42."

Install Bullet Links On AGM MG42 AEG

Randy, who is lucky to use a real world person's name as a YouTube channel before somebody else takes it, shows how to install bullet links for the MG42 AEG made by AGM to give it a more realistic look... "I show how I installed bullet links onto my airsoft MG42 by AGM/MATRIX/S&T. Here's a list of things I used:

Vera Rockrose: S&T MG42 AEG

Vera Rockrose carries a hefty AEG in the form of the S&T MG42 for this review. This AEG, which is available for some time now has a full metal barrel assembly, steel folding bipod, real wood stock, and stamped steel receiver. This comes with an autowinding, 2,000 round drum magazine and has a functioning mock charging handle.

Shoei MG42 Drum Magazine Prototype

The latest video sent in by Tomio of Shoei is about the Shoei M42 Drum Magazine Prototype. Made for the Shoei MG42 AEG, this looks like to be powered by 4 Double A batteries to feed the rounds into the MG42. The video shows the prototype being tested and the feed is going well. No idea yet when this is going to be released and no pricing details too.

Shoei MG42 AEG & FG42 Type 1 Part II

Tomio sends in the latest update from Shoei for those waiting to get their hands on their MG42 AEG Version and also about their latest iteration of the FG42 Type 1 Model Gun... "Dear Friends: Thank you very much for your continued interests. We contributed a new video of the FG42 T1 model gun to You Tube. Please enjoy!

AirSplat On Demand: AGM MG42 AEG

Also known as the S&T MG42 AEG, the AGM MG42 AEG is basically a clone of the SHOEI MG42 AEG. Amongst the MG42 AEGs in the market, this is the most affordable one which is priced at US$469.99 at the AirSplat.com online store. Thor shows us more of this airsoft machine gun which was a feared German Machine Gun in World War II in this episode of AirSplat On Demand.

Shoei MG42 AEG & FG42 Type 1 News

Some good news for those who want to get an airsoft FG42 as Shoei are looking into resuming production of their model... "Dear Friends: Thank you very much for your continued interests. We will begin to sell MG42 AEG Model of the 4th lot, soon. Since there is few these sale, when you purchase this, please tell me about it immediately.

AGM MG42 AEG Mini Review

Owen is back to give us an overview of the AGM MG42 in this video from the Airsoft Grenadier... "Owen from Section 8 Airsoft in Central Scotland gives us a brief run down of 'Helga', his awesome AGM MG42. This is not a fully detailed review video, it's really just a quick overview by Owen on one of his own weapons.

SHOEI: 4th Lot of MG42 AEG Model

Still another chance to own the SHOEI MG42 AEG model as Tomio sends in an update on the 4th batch's production... "Dear Friends: Thank you very much for your continued interests. We are manufacturing desperately the 4th lot of MG42 AEG Model which has acquired popularity from last year now. We aim the sale at the end of this month.

The number of manufactures is only about 30pcs this time. When you consider purchase, please tell me about it a little early.

SHOEI MG42 AEG Review by Saba-Navi

Tomio of SHOEI sent in a link of the latest review of the Japanese airsoft blog, Saba-Navi, that covers the new SHOEI MG42 AEG. This is a comprehensive review with full breakdown and description of the various parts of the AEG. It also includes a comparison with another premium-priced MG42 model, the RWA MG42 AEG which is in stock at RedWolf Airsoft.