RWTV: The Maruzen M1100 Shotgun


Marck takes a look at the Maruzen M1100 Shotgun that is available at RedWolf Airsoft in Woodstock or Black version... "The Maruzen M1100 shotgun is a semi auto shotgun made by famed airsoft manufacturer Maruzen in Japan. The gun faithfully replicates semi-auto firing shot guns by using a similar mechanism driving the bolt back and re-chambering the next shell.

50 Series Mag For Maruzen MAC11 GBB


Before the SBRs, AR Pistols, and PDWs, there were the Machine Pistols. Compact, cute, and can spit out rounds fast, they are the favourite for VIP protection or close-in security as they can be concealed but give enough firepower to make any bad guy think twice. Mach Sakai does a second look at already known GBB, the Maruzen Ingram M11, as he already released a first video early this year, if it still gives the satisfaction of emptying the magazine in full auto.

Mach Sakai: Maruzen Ingram M11 GBB Review


This is one of the most compact airsoft machine pistols in the market, the Maruzen Ingram M11 GBB. It is also one of the sweetest to hear when it's fired on full auto. Mach Sakai squeezes the trigger again of this baby to hear that sweet sound of full auto in this video review where he checks it for operations and performance.

Vintage Airsoft: Maruzen Mini Uzi Custom


Many of you haven't been born yet when the Maruzen Mini Uzi Custom was released in 1984, which is a follow up on the Mini Uzi that was released a year before. This is an air-cocking shell ejecting 6mm airsoft gun which means you have to pull the bolt each time to fire the airsoft gun. A bit tedious, but this was made during the early years.

Read the full review on Hyperdouraku.

Mach Sakai: Maruzen CA870 Charger Shotgun


Mach Sakai takes out the Mach Maruzen CA870 Charger Shotgun which has been available in the airsoft market for years now. Based on the Remington 870, this is a spring powered airsoft shotgun that comes with folding M4 stock. Mainly plastic with a few bits of metal parts, there are no sights but you can mount optics on it.

Hyperdouraku: Maruzen M1100 BV


Hyperdouraku reviews the real action shotgun from Maruzen, the M1100 BV. It is a shell ejecting airsoft gas shotgun that is based on the Remington M1100 with the BV meaning "Black Version." It was released years back and it was released for resale in December 2017. There is a  real wood version the M1100 WSV, and it only uses one inner barrel.

Mach Sakai: Maruzen Ingram M11 GBB


Mach Sakai reviews an airsoft machine pistol that is sweet to shoot. The Maruzen Ingram M11 Gas Blowback Machine Pistol is a very compact airsoft gun that comes with an extendable stock for an even more stable shooting though in this video it has no stock. This shoots in full auto and has 20BB ROF, which is extremely fast. He checks it out for externals and operations as well as see how it performs in a steel challenge.

Mach Sakai: Maruzen & Marui P38 Pistols


Mach Sakai gets his hands on two Japanese-made Walther P38 Pistols, the Spring Powered P38 from Tokyo Marui, and the Gas-powered version from Maruzen. He goes over the details of these pistols, especially if these are faithful to the external look of the original P38. He does not into the performance and operation of these pistols, which of course the Maruzen has the advantage being a gas-powered one.

Maruzen P99 NBB & GBB Pistol Comparison


Maruzen got two Walther P99 airsoft pistols in the market, the fixed slide, non-blowback one, and the gas blowback version. Mach Sakai goes into the specifications, appearance, distinguishing characteristics of these pistols as based on the actual Walther P99 and comparison on the performance of the NBB and GBB.

Mach Sakai: Maruzen M11 Ingram GBB


It's a gas blowback machine pistol for Mach Sakai to review this time and it is the Maruzen M11 Ingram GBB. It has full auto and semi shooting mode and a fixed hop-up. It has high quality body paint finish similar to the real M11. Mach Sakai tests it for operation and accuracy in this video.

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