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AirsoftPro ICS Captain Supports Turkey Events

Airsoft in Turkey comes up in the radar of airsoft players once in a while, but it is a growing community and they are now holding bigger events. AirsoftPro, a well-known wensite in the country, also is an ICS Captain, meaning a brand ambassador for ICS Airsoft, are one of the primary supporters to encourage more Turks to take up the hobby... "As an ICS captain we done lot's of big event also we support other big events.

Apache Airsoft: ICS CXP HOG EBB

Apache Airsoft got to review the ICS CXP HOG, one of the electric blowback AEGs from ICS that feature the Transform4 split gearbox tech as well as the KeyMod rail system... "Hello everyone! My vacation in Switzerland is almost done so you do not have to wait too long for comments. Today we are going to review a high end gun, the ICS CXP M4. It's a super gun out of the box, and it's awesome!"

ICS: How Not To Shoot A GBB Pistol

ICS Airsoft got some helpful tip for those who are just about to start shooting with their gas blowback pistols. These tips are for safety, proper handling, and of course to consider their new line of gas blowback pistols for your next purchase which are under the Black Leopard Eye line of GBB pistols.

ICS L85 HPA Bingo Airsoftworks Build

USAirsoft's video shows a customised ICS L85 HPA that is done by Bingo Airsoftworks (also known as Bingo Airsoft Designs). Bingo Airsoftworks is known for fitting various HPA engines into different AEGs. Find out in the video if mentions what HPA engine is used by Bingo for this custom work.

ICS CXP MARS Airsoft On Demand

Another quick look at the upcoming ICS CXP Modern Assault Rifle System (MARS) that is expected to be in the shelves of airsoft retailers worldwide next month. This has the Electronic Blowback System as seen in the new ICS AEGs that use the Transform4 tech. This has full ambidextrous operation, KeyMod handguard, and a Wirecutter-like frontend.

AirsoftTech23: ICS BLE-XAE Alpha Review

AirsoftTech23 checks out the latest gas blowback pistol from ICS Airsoft, the BLE-XAE Alpha... "In this video i went over the gun and did the shooting test which included the chrono test, accuracy test, and damage test. Regardless though, ICS did a great job on this pistol! Big thanks to ICS and Fox Airsoft for hooking it up, I really appreciate it."

ICS Airsoft BLE-XAE Ambidextrous Pistol

Video presentation by ICS on their ICS BLE-XAE Gas Blowback Pistol... "The Incredible BLE-XAE. The innovative and advanced XAE follows the standards set by ICS rifles to bring you a high quality, high performance pistol. The XAE features ambidextrous slide catch and ambidextrous magazine catch, thus being ideal for both right and left-handed shooters.

Mach Sakai: Salamander Shotgun Mag Adapter

Give your Tokyo Marui Benelli Airsoft Shotgun a higher capacity magazine with the Salamander Shotgun Magazine Adapter. With this adapter, you can use an M4 AEG magazine, the Marui 1,200-round drum magazine or the ICS 3,000 drum magazine. Mach Sakai tests this magazine adapter in this video review.

0'20 Magazine On The ICS CXP M.A.R.S.

0'20 Magazine got some units of the upcoming ICS CXP-M.A.R.S. (Modern Assault Rifle System) which is the latest in the Transform4 tech from ICS Airsoft for this video overview... "Does anybody know this handguard for airsoft? It is the MARS from ICS. We gave the airsoft rifle to a player and this is his experience."

Airsoft Taiwan ICS & VFC Sale Ongoing

More chances to save more on your purchases at Airsoft Taiwan. They have been having a series of sales promos for the brands and products they carry and for this week, they are taking off 10% of the prices of all VFC and ICS Airsoft products. Better hurry to get some choice pickings ahead of the rest.