Replacing Your Hop-Up Unit & Inner Barrel


Grace Airsoft has this 27-minute video showing you how to replace the Hop-up and Inner Barrel for your AR-style AEG... "Grace explains in a very long, drawn out and unsure way, how to replace the hop up unit and barrel on an M4/M16 style Airsoft AEG rifle."

Putting A Krytac Hop Up Into A G&G FN2000


Watch the result of putting a Krytac Hop-Up unit into the G&G FN2000 which what JedBedrock exactly did... "Hello everyone and welcome back to another airsoft video. In this video, I install a Krytac hop up into my G&G FN2000. The FN2000 uses a special hop up. I modified a Krytac hop up to fit into the gun. it now shoots on par with my Trident MKII."

Kraken Airsoft: Maxx Model Hop-Up Unit


Kraken Airsoft recommends the  Maxx Model Hop-Up for those looking into a improving accuracy... "This is hands down the best upgrade I have done to my airsoft gun in a good while. The Maxx model hop up unit is an awesome purchase! A Kraken recommended product."

Removing The Ares Amoeba Striker AS01 Hop Unit


Fulcrum has this guide for owners of the Ares Amoeba Striker AS01 so they can remove the hop-up unit properly... "In this airsoft​ guide I'll be showing you how to remove the hop unit from an Ares Amoeba Striker Airsoft sniper rifle, the airsoft gun in this tutorial is an AS01 Striker but this guide should work with the AS02 and the silly little AS03.

EMG Maxx CNC Aluminum Hopup Chamber Quick Look

OptimusPrime's Matt gives us a quick overview of the EMG Maxx CNC Aluminum Hopup Chamber that is available in two versions, the Pro and Sport... "CNC Aluminum Hopup Chamber ME Pro (with BB Latching System) unit is precisely made to improve accuracy and ensure consistent air seal for Tokyo Marui (include KRYTAC, except KWA) M4/M16 Standard AEG series.

G&G RK74 Rotary Style Hop-Up Chamber


G&G Armament announce a new Hop-Up Chamber for the RK74 AEG and PRK 9 Series... "Designed to improve accuracy, durability, and to ensure consistent air seal, our RK74 rotary hop-up chamber is the perfect upgrade part for your AK AEG. The precise rotary dial design provides finer hop-up adjustments quicker. Compatible with all G&G RK74 and PRK 9 Series. Now available worldwide.

Contact your local dealer for pricing and availability."

Hop-Ups & How They Work


In this episode of the "5 Minute Fix Series" Airsoft Headquarters talk all about hop-ups... "Trying to revamp a series I am working on trying to explain fixes or general information in under 5 minutes (time limits do not really work well for me lol) LOTS more videos coming to the playlist since the beginning of the year generally has a massive spike in airsoft players.

Kaslab Airsoft On The Phoenix Hop-Up Unit


Kaslab Airsoft talks about the Phoenix Hop-Up unit if you should buy in this video. Made by Invictus Manufacturing, a sister company of Wolverine Aisoft, the Phoenix Hop-Up promises improved feeding, superior airsoft seal and superior performance with the Wolverine MTW HPA rifle.

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