AMNB's codeRED CR-TAC Headset Review


The Airsoft & Milsim News Blog (AMNB) got one of the products from codeRED's Professional Series Tactical Headsets --- the CR-TAC Tactical Headset for this review... "A noise cancelling Dual Muff headset with 'hear through' technology using electronic amplification of ambient sounds. Welcome the CR-TAC from codeRED Headsets."

PHX "Archer" Headset Review


TNT-Germany give their take on this affordable headset from PHX, the "Archer"... "Today we introduce you to the new headset Archer from PHX. Such types of headsets have been around for a long time, but so far we have only found them on Asian or other foreign websites. Now finally available in a German shop and for an acceptable price. In the review we will find out for you whether it is something for beginners and long-time players."

OPSMAN M32X Milpro Headset & F101 Stealth Survival Light


The Heresy Group guys show how they fitted the OPSMAN M32X MILPRO headset and the F101 stealth survival light in this video... "In this video Richie goes out with the old and in with the new, F101 Stealth Survival Light and the M32X Milpro Electronic Communication Hearing Protector from Opsmen.

We will be giving these a full run down and review but we just couldn't wait to get this lid build underway."



The Recon Brothers look at two ear protectors and headsets for tactical and milsim use, the PELTOR ComTac XPI and the SORDIN Supreme MIL CC Slim... "Should you go for a 3M PELTOR ComTac XPI (= ComTac V in USA) or a SORDIN Supreme MIL CC Slim headset?" A question asked by many and with this video it finally gets an answer. Because here we'll bring you a purely objective comparison between both headsets their pro's and con's.

RWTV: Roger Tech - The Perfect Airsoft Headset


Find out why Marck says that Roger Tech headset is the perfect headset for airsoft use in this RedWolf Airsoft TV review... "The ROGER Tech electronic communications headset and hearing protection is a high quality yet budget friendly headset that is great for real steel as well as airsoft shooting.

Ops-Core AMP Comms Headset HowTos


OPS-Core release a video to help owners use their AMP Communications Headsets such as knowing about Fixed Downlead vs. Conectorized, installing Single Downlead Cable, and installing Dual Downlead Cables... "This video will show you how to set up and connect single and dual downlead cables on the Connectorized version of the Ops-Core AMP™ Communication Headset.

WST Gen 5 Headset & Skull Messenger Mask


Airsoft Mike unboxes and reviews to products from WoSport, the 5th Generation Headset and Skull Messenger Mask. The Headset version has sound reduction features that can be configured to be used with a helmet... "Today I unbox two "new" products from Wosport. HOWEVER.. Watch the entire video. I do something I have NEVER done before."

WoSport 5th Generation Sound Pickup & Noise Reduction Headset


Affordable sound pickup and noise reduction headset from WoSport is now on its 5th Generation. Check with authorised resellers if they have this in stock. Other headsets re also available at their store... "New and excellent arrival!  Fifth Generation Sound Pickup and Noise Reduction Headset- At present we have 5 versions with 2 wearing selection: head wearing version & helmet wearing version.

The Sound Pickup and Noise Reduction version suit for IPSC! High cost performance, absolutely worth buying!"

Evike Earmor M32H Headset Install


Another install guide from as Matt tells more about the M32H Headset from Earmor and how to install it on a FAST Helmet... "The Earmor M32 comes with helmet rail adapter set for FAST MT Helmets, ideal for advanced tactical uses.

Gel Pads On The New Z-Tactical Headset


Cesar and Javier unbox headsets from Z-Tactical in this episode of 0'20 Magazine. One is the 2018 edition of the Z-Tac Z044 Noise Cancelling Headset which comes with a Gel Pads to make it more comfortable to wear. This can be detached fron the headstrap and use the rail accessories to mount the ear muffs to helmet rails.

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