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Airsoft MG36 First Game Play Video

A custom MG36 AEG using a Classic Army G36K AEG as the base gun gets into action for the first time in this video from Whiskey Tango Foxtrot... "Well, the Plastikwerfer is nearing completion. In this video, Joe uses the Classic Army G36K that is being converted into an MG36.

Garand Thumb With The HK G36

Another real world firearm session with Mr. Flannel Shirt, Garand Thumb. For this episode, he ditches the AR and goes for the Heckler & Koch G36, which is a mainstay in militaries in other parts of the world though the German Bundeswehr are now in search of a replacement. Check out what he says about this rifle in the video below:

Rheinmetall Steyr RS556 Assault Rifle

DefenseWebTV by Army Recognition put up this video of the Rheinmetall Steyr RS556 Assault  Rifle which is seen as one of the possible replacements for the Heckler & Koch G36 Rifle in the Bundeswehr... "The RS556 is a modular assault rifle designed by the Austrian Company Steyr Mannlicher based on the STM556. the development of the STM 556 has started in 2012 and manufactured since May 2016.

ICS G33 The Best Airsoft G36 Variant?

Find out if the G33 AEG from ICS Airsoft is the best G36 variant in this video from Faunceify... "The ICS G33 is the best G36 variant on the market. It preforms well, but what really sells me is how easy it is to upgrade/maintain, and that it takes m4 magazines. The platform is a little too blocky for me, but it's fun and it did it's job well. Let me know if you want to see more gameplay videos. Take it easy. :)"

Panzerina: Asiimov Skin On Airsoft G36

For CS:GO fans who also play airsoft, here is a project done by Panzerina putting an Aziimov Skin on her G36 airsoft gun... "For my next small video shoot I bought my first cheap airsoft replica that I painted for fun. The Asiimov skin on the G36 does not exist in Counter Strike I wanted to see what it would give."

Tokyo Marui Twin Drum Magazine Adapter

Tokyo Marui have released a series of magazine adapters designed to allow owners of other Marui AEGs to use the 1,200-round Marui Twin Drum Magazine that is made for the standard M4 AEG and M4 High Cycle Custom AEG Series. Just select which adapter you need as this is not a universal adapter. Available adapters are for the Tokyo Marui M4 NEG, AK NEG, G3 AEG, AK AEG, MP5 AEG, and G36 AEG.

USAirsoft: Ares-Umarex G36 AEG Review

Review from USAirsoft covers the Ares/Umarex fully licensed G36 AEG which he finds to be a good AEG to use in the field... "This is my most exciting addition to my collection, I'm really stoked to have it here and laying down the game at any field with this G36 is just way too much fun.

Umarex/VFC G36 GBBs At WGC Shop

The newly released 2016 editions of the Umarex/VFC G36 Gas Blowback Rifles are now at WGC Shop... "The new ass-kicking Umarex G36 GBBs made by VFC were just released in two variants, one is the carbine length with rail handguard, Umarex / VFC G36 KSK GBB ( DX / 2016 Gen.2 ). The other is commando, compact length also with rail handguard, Umarex / VFC G36 TAC GBB ( DX / 2016 Gen.2 ).


Pink G36 Breast Cancer Awareness Sale

Help in raising funds for Breast Cancer Awareness and Research by checking this Pink G36 AEG put up by on sale where they will donate a portion of the sale to cause. October is the Breast Cancer Awareness Month... "For the month of October, in support of Breast Cancer Awareness month, will be putting the Umarex Pink G36 on sale and donating 10 dollars from every sale to help fund breast cancer research.

Evike: Angel Custom G36 Bottle Opener

Custom work on a G36 AEG is shown here by in this "The Gun Corner" episode, the Angel Custom G36 Bottle Opener is kitted with a KeyMod Rail with its front end reminding of your a bottle opener... "The G36C by Umarex is a metal gearbox high performance Airsoft AEG rifle that is fully licensed by the world famous Heckler & Koch, creator of the real steel G36 series assault rifle.