Dark Emergency 2023 Official After Movie


Watch the highlights of what happened during Dark Emergency 2023, we believe this is Germany's biggest airsoft event and it is hosted by Airsoft Helden. This event took place last 11th to 14th May2023, in Mahlwinkel, Germany. The venue is a 120 hectare former Soviet military airfield and involves the use of vehicles as part of the game.

Placing Pre-Orders For Use At An Event


If you know of a retailer who will be attending an airsoft event you will be going to? You may want to consider pre-ordering an item that you can pick up at the venue. Amped Airsoft talks how to do this... "Wes talks about how to place a Pre-order for national events! We hope this video was helpful for you guys! We can't wait to see everyone at all the events this year!"

Bomp-Up Airsoft At Op Tactical UK The Kingdom


UK airsoft retailer Bomb Up Airsoft visit The Kingdom airsoft field by Op Tactical... "This awesome new airsoft site based in Cheadle (Stoke-on-Trent, Staffordshire, West Midlands) covers over 200 acres of skirmishable quarry, woodlands, grass areas and lakes all with varied terrain that offer all year round cover. The site boasts some amazing features with £2 million pounds worth of investment gone into the infrastructure of this venue, the site offers a mixture of mountainous type sandy areas and traditional woodlands.

Russian Team Wins Battle Arena Season V


Season 5 of Battle Arena, the international force-on-force airsoft tournament, finally closes and Team of Sechen of Russia have been declared winners. 16 airsoft teams from North America, Europe, and Asia competed to be the best airsoft teams in the world last 2-3 March 2019 at ASA Airsoft in Finland.

If you missed the event, don't worry, you can watch the recorded livestream which is over 11 hours long.

Diles46: Dishonored Airsoft Gameplay


Diles46 got a gameplay footage showing his frailty as a human being at one of Intrigue Airsoft's events... "Sometimes in airsoft or milsim, we all do things we are not proud of... this is one of them. During Intrigue Airsoft's Directive Genesis Event, things got weird and the airsoft lines got crossed... I shot a man of the larp cloth..."

Airsoft Club Russia Karelia "Capture" Event


A very explosive introduction, literally, of an upcoming event that will be held on Russian side of the Karelian Isthmus. The intro video of Karelia "Capture" shows some simulated artillery barrage which should heighten the senses of those who are going to attend this event. This is organised with Airsoft Club Russia and scheduled to be held on the 12th to the 14th of June 2014.

East Coast Ops & GI Tactical Anniversary


East Coast airsoft players better clear-up their Calendars as Airsoft GI and GI Tactical have lined-up some activities for your. Bob will explain further... "There is a lot going on near the east coast with Airsoft GI, and we wanted to share with you the number of things we are doing over there.

VOA At Operation: Frozen Death Cards


In-game video footage from Team VOA when they went to OP: Frozen Death Cards that was held last Saturday, 22 February 2014. The scenario is about a battle of survival wit two rival PMCs stuck in the cold dure to an abrupt Arctic Climate Change. The two groups will have to find food and shelter, and "to collect the cards" with which they will be paid handsomely.

Red Dawn IV Open For Registration


Mir Tactical sent in news that registration for the big airsoft event in Illinois, Red Dawn IV, is now open. Book your slots as the event is nearing, slated to happen on the 9th March 2014, Polar Vortex permitting... "During the height of the Cold War, NATO members withdrew their membership leaving America to stand on their own against the Warsaw pact countries that are quickly expanding their influence across the globe.

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