EOTech Vudu and Vudu X Rifle Scopes


EOTech show the differences between their recently released Vudu and Vudu X rifle scopes... "With the introduction of the new Vudu X line of scopes, EOTECH now has two great 1-6X LPVO's to choose from. Here we explain the differences between the Vudu and Vudu X models and how one might be right for you."

EOTech Video On The Evolution of Shotguns In Competition


EOTech got a special guest that many in the airsoft world are familiar with his guns used in the John Wick film franchise. Taran Butler of Taran Tactical Innovations talks about the evolution of shotguns in competitive shooting... "You probably already know him as the guy who trains some of the most famous actors in the world, but Taran Butler of @TaranTactical is also the first 3-Gun Triple Crown Champion and one of the best shooters in the world.

"The Weird World of EOTech"


Want to find out more about EOTech and its optics, Hop will guide you in this video. Just remember that this all about the real deal EOTech optics and not the replicas we use in airsoft... "In this video, convicted EOTech fanboy Hop runs down the good, the bad, and the weird models of EOTech HWS."

OPP Tactical Vortex UH-1 Or Holy Warrior Eotech EXPS?


Check these replica optics for airsoft use and decide which one you would prefer to mount on your airsoft gun. Young On Airsoft talks about the OPP Tactical Vortex UH-1 or Holy Warrior Eotech EXPS in this video... "Short review of two great hologrpahic sights copies. Vortex UH-1 provided by OPP Tactical and Holy warrior Eotech EXPS copy. If you looking for sexy red dots, those product are for you!"

EOTECH At The SHOT Show 2023


EOTech are raising their profile this year, being active on social media and more. They were also at the SHOT Show 2023 where they showed off their wares and you can know what these are in this video they released... "This was a Big year for EOTECH at SHOT 2023. We unveiled a few new products, watch now to learn more!"

EOTech: Hybrid vs LPVO


EOTech talk about using optics either with Hybrid (combination of a Holosight and Magnifier) or an LPVO (Low Power Variable Optic) and which one is better for you... "Chase from Eotech talks about the differences between running a Hybrid (HWS + Magnifier) vs an LPVO. What is your preference & why? "

The New EOTECH On Gun Laser


Check out the new EOTECH OGL or On Gun Laser in this video... "The new EOTECH On-Gun Laser (OGL) is offered in a standard power (MIL/LE) model. Powered by a single CR123 lithium battery, the OGL offers up to 9 hours of continuous run time. The all-aluminum housing offers extreme durability and its compact size is similar to a standard deck of playing cards. The IR and Visible lasers are optically aligned so zeroing is simple and easy.

EOTech Holosights Are Not Red Dots


Have you always thought that the holosights from EOTech are red dot sights? Well, the company begs to differ and they explain in the video so next time you won't call them red dots again... "EOTECH's Holographics Weapon Sights are NOT Red Dot's. Let's talk about it."

The Best Airsoft EOTech Copies?


Young On Airsoft does a comparison of EOTech Holosight replicas for airsoft use which covers the Holy Warrior EXPS 3.0 and cheaper he found online. Both are made in China which can be found either on Aliexpress or other airsoft retailers... "In today video I will compare one of the cheapest Eotech Copy and the GUCCI Holy Warrior one."

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