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Echo1 USA Airsoft

Infamous Airsoft: Echo1 Troy TRX10

Infamous Airsoft gets to use the Echo1 Troy TRX10 AEG for the first time in a gameplay where he gives a commentary on how it performs. Turn on the language caption again for this to follow the commentary... "An interesting Gameplay/Review of this electric variant M4 ... It is said that it is my first experience with this platform.

Echo1 USA At GI Tactical Texas Opening

Lots of well wishers flew in to Texas for the grand opening of the GI Tactical Texas branch located in Plano. Echo1 USA was represented as well by Brian Holt... "Brian went to Texas to check out the new and massive GI Tactical store with Bob the Axe Man. So many options to choose from in one huge store! Check out their store if you are in the area!"

Airsoftology: Echo1 G.A.T. Prototype Review

Now in it's pre-production prototype, Jonathan and Brian discuss about the G.A.T. or the General Assault Tool which is a nice one to have in your collection and for CQB games. The second video is they actually bring it to an actual game... "Jonathan (from Airsoftology) and Brian (from Echo1) talk shop on the G.A.T., the long awaited small AEG that that not only takes standard airsoft parts but packs a punch!

Airsoftology: Echo1 MK1 Barrel Extension

Airsoftology finds this MK1 Mock Suppressor/Barrel Extension series that can fit different types from Echo1 USA as "sick" find out why in this video where Jonathan Higgs tells you all about it... "All Barrel Extensions / Mock Suppressors aren't created equal...we look at the Echo1 MK1 Series and see why it may be top of the class.

Two New Videos from Booligan Airsoft

That's right! Two videos from Booligan Airsoft available for your viewing pleasure. Booligan goes over his new custom work which we definitely fancy, as it's his version of the AAC Honey Badger. The other one is one that we are expecting a full release this year, the Echo1 USA AR57 AEG whuch he will give has a given a full review.

Airsoft AK Motor Height Adjustment and Fix

For those who miss Brian at Echo1, he's back with his latest howto video which shows how to adjust the AK motor height and knowing how it is fixed. Apart from the adjustment, he shows you how the motor and the gearbox interact with each other so you'll be able to understand how it works and be able to make the proper adjustments. As always, AK motors are usually for version 3 gearboxes which not necessarily be AK airsoft guns as the gearbox is also used for the AUG and G36 AEGs.

Tominator: The Echo1 USA MTC 2 Review

Here's the latest review from the Tominator... "The Echo1 USA MTC 2 Airsoft AEG (and the more compact, Echo1 USA MTC 1 Airsoft AEG) showed up on the scene around October/November-ish of 2011 as an answer to a pesky little lawsuit involving HK and pretty much most of the Airsoft industry at the time.

Echo1USA Atlanta Tour At SS Airsoft Arena

More footage from the Echo1 USA Airsoft Tour of Atlanta, Georgia... "Brian the Echo1 Tech visits SS Airsoft Arena in Sugar Hill, GA. This 14,000 sq. ft. arena is one of the greatest indoor CQB airsoft arena in the south eastern United States. It features a 1,200 sq. ft. showroom, a tech department for repairs and upgrades, and the arena is decorated from top to bottom with high attention to detail.

Airsoft Atlanta: Echo1 Products Sneak Peek

Airsoft Atlanta send in their photos of upcoming products from Echo1 USA Airsoft. The magazine in the photo provided below seems to be based on the Surefire MAG5 60-round high capacity magazine... "We recently had Echo 1 in our airsoft store this weekend and unveiled a couple of new guns:  The TROY M4 AEG; and the desert Platinum M4 (with hard case). We're very excited to be the first ones to see these airsoft guns.  Check out some of the pictures here.

Echo1 To Debut New Product In Atlanta, GA

If you will be in Atlanta, Georgia in November, mark the dates the Echo1 USA provided below... "Echo1USA presents Airsoft Tour Atlanta, GA. The tour begins at GoldenEagle Airsoft on Thursday, November 10th, 2011. Compete with the infamous Echo1USA Tech, Brian at this challenging CQB field. On Friday November 11th, 2011, Echo1USA will debut a completely new product at Airsoft Atlanta.