The Echo1 USA M134 Minigun Is Back


It's not only Classic Army that has the Minigun fun in airsoft. Echo1 USA Airsoft also have their M134 offering, though they only have the full size one with a short barrel adapter. This M135 is made by Craft Apple Works (CAW) of Japan and only limited quantities are available at Jag Precision.


Krytac MK2 Series & Echo1 Red Star Blitz


Product and promo updates from Airsoft GI this weekend. The first one is that they are expecting delivery of the new MK2 series from Krytac soon and they are now taking pre-orders. The second one is their latest Blitz Deal, with a big chunk off the price of the Echo1 Red Star Full Metal AK AEG and that means big savings for you. Echo1 Spectre RDP AEG Review


The Airsoft Gear Guide reviews the Echo1 Spectre RDP AEG in this sponsored review by The Echo1 Spectre RDP is a machine pistol with a custom gearbox that makes it an excelllent primary for CQB or or as backup. It is a very compact machine and costs US$154.99 at the AirSplat Online store.

The JAG Custom Genesis M4 Series


Another line of custome AEGs from Jag Precision using the Echo1 Genesis M4 with the Noveske NSR KeyMod Rail Systems... "Fully Licensed by Madbull Airsoft the 11in. & 13in. Noveske NSR KeyMod Rail combines flawlessly with the Genesis M4 body making this the perfect AEG for any type of mission.

New Arrivals This Weekend At Airsoft GI


Find out more about the new arrivals at Airsoft GI this weekend... "From Tactical Gear, Airsoft Guns, and Accessories, a plethora of new products have landed on The popular Revision Eye Wear is now available with a thermal lens. The Platinum Line by Echo 1, known for their performance and reliability out of the box, is now available in Grey and Tan. With different models and lengths for you to choose from, you will find the proper rifle designed for your playing style.

Robo Airsoft: Echo1 Lone Wolf Timberwolf


Robo Airsoft gives us an overview of one of this personal backup weapons, the Echo1 Lone Wolf Timberwolf Pistol... "On this edition of Robo-Reviews, you guys asked for it: My Echo1 Lone Wolf Timberwolf. This is the first of my two, current, sidearms that you guys have been asking me to do a spotlight on.

AirSplat: Echo1 RDP, Action Army AAC21


This week's product update from is the announcement that the Echo1 Spectre RDP is now in stock at their online store. As we have posted previously, the Action Army AAC21 Gas Sniper Rifles are now in stock too as well as the K-Tech Airsoft Amplifiers. For their 50-51 feature, it's the Airsplat 3-9x40 scope. Also, check some fancy hang signals that you can use for Milsim games.

Echo1 Spectre RDP Review & Gameplay


Team Blacksheep put up a video of review of the upcoming Echo1 Spectre RDP and they put it through the paces in this gameplay footage... "The Echo1 Spectre RDP is the hot new airsoft (AEG) sub machine gun! Perfect for CQB fields and a back up pistol if you want to do that. Playing at Insight Interactive in Rancho, CA.

The Echo1 General Assault Tool (GAT) Story


A more in-depth story behind about the Echo1 USA's General Assault Tool (GAT) is now available online. Announced in 2011, the development is taking too long but many airsoft players are expecting it to be available soon. Find out more about it... "The Echo1 General Assault Tool (GAT) has been talked about for some time with rumors and hopes that it will be released someday soon. All of us here at Echo1USA were excited to release the news of our new project a little too soon but it will be worth the wait.

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