Gunfather Milsim On The EMG Daniel Defense MK18


What will Gunfather Milsim say on an airsoft version of his favourite rifle for SWAT duties? Watch the video to find out... "This is an in depth review of the EMG (Evike Manufacturing Group) Daniel Defense Mk18 with the CYMA Platinum gearbox. In this video I compare the externals to my real steel DD Mk18. I discuss the internals and stock performance of this airsoft replica."

4UAD Smart Airsoft's DD M4A1 FSP Tokyo Marui MWS ASMR


4UAD Smart Airsoft's ASMR episode features this DD M4A1 FSP Fitted On The Tokyo Marui MWS GBB Rifle and it costs $2850. We don't know if this is NTD or USD, and it is USD, it's more expensive than the real deal Daniel Defense SOCOM-M4A1 FSP Complete Rifle which is priced at US$2,350. Anyway, enjoy and relax as you watch this ASMR video.

EMG ICS Daniel Defense DDMK18 Review


Here is the take of of the licensed EMG ICS Daniel Defense DDMK18 AEG which they have available for the North American airsoft market... "Patterned after the original ArmaLite AR-15, this venerable weapons platform has gone through numerous updates and evolutions through the years to become the go-to choice for military personnel, law enforcement agencies, and civilian shooting enthusiasts alike.

The Firearm Blog: Colt/Daniel Defense Mk18 Torture Test


The Firearm Blog abuses the favourite AR in airsoft, the MK18, but this one's the real deal... "In this episode of TFBTV, James Reeves asks “is the Mk18 reliable?” For the unaware, the Mk18 is, more or less, a 10.3″ barrel short and compact AR-15 or M4 that is common in the special operations community.

ICS Airsoft Daniel Defense MK18 AEG Official Video


ICS Airsoft just recently released their own licensed ICS Daniel Defense MK18 AEG in cooperation with EMG. This AEG is available in four different colours. It features an  EMG Licensed Daniel Defense MK18 9.55" Handguard,  EMG Licensed Daniel Defense MK18 Body Lettering,  EMG ZETA Grip & Stock, the SSS.III E-trigger system, Smart Trigger & Pre-cocking Function, Master Mods Reinforced Internals, the unique ICS Split Gearbox, and Quick Spring Release Function.

The Firearm Blog: Daniel Defense DDM4ISR


In this real steel review by The Firearm Blog, they feature he Daniel Defense DDM4ISR which comes with a built-in suppressor... "In this episode of TFBTV, James Reeves performs a full review of the Daniel Defense DDM4ISR, or Daniel Defense Integrally Suppressed Rifle.

TFB: Is A Daniel Defense AR-15 Worth the Money?


No need to introduce to you about Daniel Defense as each airsoft player got an airsoft rifle that is probably equipped with a Daniel Defense replica part. In this video, The Firearm Blog takes a look at the premium DDM4 V7 rifle made for the real world... "In this episode of TFBTV, James Reeves reviews the Daniel Defense DDM4 V7, including a mini torture test of this premium AR-15.

FCC Daniel Defense MK18 PTW Review By Reapers Airsoft


It's a high end AEG, the Fight Club Custom Daniel Defense MK18 PTW, reviewed this time by Reapers Airsoft and it is probably the longest video review we've watched, so better take time to watch this comprehensive review... "Hi folks, in this extended review we take a closer look at the FCC Daniel Defense MK18 PTW (Professional Training Weapon, similar to Systema) with Colt Markings, Cerakote and planetary gears.

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