In-Depth Look At The Daniel Defense H9


Roger Barrera gets to handle the Daniel Defense H9 pistol and how it is better than the original H9... "Today, the boys and I take the new Daniel Defense H9 out to the range. We did however bring it's OG brother the original Hudson 9 and we see what's new an improved with DD's re-engineering of the platform. We are happy to see this come to market as there really isn't anything like it right now. Let us know what you think from our first range session."

EMG CGS Daniel Defense DDM4 SBR GBB Review


Tactical 10 presents a swift review of the EMG CGS Daniel Defense DDM4 SBR GBB Rifle, a part of the CGS (CYMA Gas System) Series. This innovative design, packed with the latest gas blowback rifle technology, is fully compatible with the Tokyo Marui MWS system. It offers a reliable and efficient base platform with a growing array of aftermarket upgrades and options, ready for immediate use straight out of the box.

Daniel Defense M4A1 vs Bulgarian AK-74


Blue Jean Operator does a comparison of an AR from Daniel Defense and Arsenal SLR-104 which is based on the Bulgarian AK-74... "Today we'll be putting my Daniel Defense M4A1 "Block II" (yes I know its not a clone correct Block II) against my buddy Tallon’s Bulgarian AK-74 (Arsenal SLR-104).

Airsoft Master On The EMG Daniel Defense RIS III M4A1 AEG


Airsoft Master says to M-Lok rifles to move over and make way for the EMG Daniel Defense RIS III M4A1 AEG... "I feel like it's a requirement to have a Daniel Defense Rifle build in our airsoft careers. Whether it would be a Block 2 or a Mk18 setup, it's just one of those classic style that is reliable as fire is to the caveman. Welp it's time for the new face with Daniel Defense AEG with the RIS III rail.

EMG Colt Licensed Daniel Defense M4A1 SOPMOD Block 2 & MK18 AEGs


King Arms sent in news that they have restock of the EMG Colt Licensed Daniel Defense M4A1 SOPMOD Block 2 & MK18 AEGs... "Whether it is M4A1 or MK18, the styles of these two classic US military weapons have been deeply engraved in the hearts of every player.

The success of Colt needs no further narrative. The Colt M4 and M16 has risen to be one of the most popular and trusted combat rifles around the world.

With Daniel Defense RIS II handguard, the performance of these weapons is beyond words.

Molcom Tries The ICS Airsoft Daniel Defense MK18 EBB


With some gameplay footage, Molcom Korean Airsofter checks how the ICS Daniel Defense MK18 EBB performs. The EMG/Daniel Defense Licensed DDMK18 Airsoft EBB AEG Rifle w/ S3 Electronic Trigger by ICS (350 FPS) is made of aluminum alloy with Daniel Defense MK18 trademarks and a CNC machined handguard. It has a one-piece outer barrel with a simulated gas pipe and an ICS split gearbox design for easy maintenance.

Gunfather Milsim On The EMG Daniel Defense MK18


What will Gunfather Milsim say on an airsoft version of his favourite rifle for SWAT duties? Watch the video to find out... "This is an in depth review of the EMG (Evike Manufacturing Group) Daniel Defense Mk18 with the CYMA Platinum gearbox. In this video I compare the externals to my real steel DD Mk18. I discuss the internals and stock performance of this airsoft replica."

4UAD Smart Airsoft's DD M4A1 FSP Tokyo Marui MWS ASMR


4UAD Smart Airsoft's ASMR episode features this DD M4A1 FSP Fitted On The Tokyo Marui MWS GBB Rifle and it costs $2850. We don't know if this is NTD or USD, and it is USD, it's more expensive than the real deal Daniel Defense SOCOM-M4A1 FSP Complete Rifle which is priced at US$2,350. Anyway, enjoy and relax as you watch this ASMR video.

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