East Crane Hi-Capa 5.1 Combat Master TTI At Airsoft Sports


Alexander does a video for Airsoft Sports to show the various features and operation of the East Crane Hi-Capa 5.1 Combat Master TTI GBB pistol. The East Crane's Hi-Capa 5.1 Combat Master TTI EC-2102 is an airsoft replica of the Hi-Capa 5.1 pistol, crafted from aluminum alloy for added strength and precision. It features ABS plastic handle cheeks, a picatinny rail for additional equipment, and markings on the body.

RST Airsoft On The Double Bell TTI 2021 GBB Pistol


A quick overview by RST Airsoft on the Doulble TTI 2021 Gas Blowback Pistol they have at their store. This has the EMG TTI Authenticity Authorization lettering features a CNC aluminum alloy slide, a metal mid-section, and a rose gold metal outer barrel. The metal magazine, metal fiber optic front sight, and simulated metal dummy firing pin add to the authenticity of the design.

Army Armament Combat Master Alpha GBB Pistol


In this episode of Airsix TV, they go over the the Army Armament Combat Master Alpha GBB Pistol... "This video features the ARMY ARMAMENT Combat Master Alpha, a pistol that has been meticulously crafted after receiving the Taran Tactical Innovation license from the Army. Let's take a look at the video to see how the performance and quality of this gun stack up!"

Jeff The Kid: GHK TTI GLOCK 34 Combat Master


Something that airsoft players who like gas blowback system from GHK Airsoft, Jeff the Kid reviews the custom GHK TTI GLOCK 34 Combat Master... "In today’s episode, we’re going to share many of the guns used by John Wick in the movie. I feel that presenting John Wick with a gun inside is the most sincere one. The gun that was launched by Samoon & DCG and finished with GHK GLOCK System is the TTI GLOCK 34 Combat Master.

ASG STI Combat Master GBB Pistol Test


Weekend Warrior does a review and test of the ASG STI Combat Master GBB Pistol which is a licensed airsoft pistol by STI... "Hi guys! We have tested the ASG STI Combat Master for you and are thrilled. You know the gun from the movie 'John Wick 3' where he does what he does best with the gun.

In addition to the good workmanship, we particularly like the short trigger travel, which makes quick conclusions possible."

John Wick Glock 34 Combat Master ASMR Build


Buffbridge Custom shows the custom John Wick Glock 34 Combat Master GBB pistol build in this ASMR video. Watch carefully as the text on how to build was put together will be shown... "If you truly enjoyed this video and want to show your support for our channel, please take a moment to give it a 'Super Thanks'. Your support means everything to us and it helps us create even more amazing content for you to enjoy. Thank you for watching."

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