EMG TTI Combat Master HPA Upgrade


Luke Fosburg does an upgrade of the EMG TTI Combat Master GBB Pistol to use HPA... "I have had the chance to use this hi capa for some time and while it has required some upgrades and rebuilding it is a beast. HPA is the key to getting consistency out of this airsoft pistol. If you play speedQB or need a reliable straight shooter, this is a nice gun for sure."

Which Airsoft Combat Master To Buy?


Sniper Airsoft Supply recommends the EMG TTI Combat Master, more known as the John Wick 3 pistol customised by Taran Tactical Innovations... "Check out my review before you decide on a Combat Master Airsoft pistol. Is the EMG TTI version really the BEST Combat Master pistol on the whole market???

EMG TTI JW3 2011 Combat Master With Custom Island Barrel


A snap shot video by Evike.com of the EMG TTI JW3 2011 Combat Master w/ Custom Island Barrel thay they have in stock... "Taran Tactical Innovations is a name synonymous with ultra high performance gun customization and competition inspired accessories. Taran Butler, the founder of Taran Tactical Innovations is a world reknown shooter that has more championship titles across a myriad of competitions than anyone else.

Geonox Airsoft: ASG STI Combat Master 2011


Geonox Airsoft does a review (in German) of the ASG STI Combat Master 2011 Blowback Pistol... "In this video I show you the STI Combat Master 2011 from ASG. At this point, many thanks to Sniper Airsoft Supply for providing me with the weapon. This weapon is John Wick's pistol from John Wick 3. If you haven't seen John Wick yet, then you still have 3 very cool films with a lot of action, cool fight scenes, beautiful weapons and Keanu Reeves in the lead role.

Moondog On The EMG TTI Combat Master 2011


Moondog Industries goes John Wick 3 as he reviews the EMG TTI Combat Master 2011 John Wick 3 Gas Blowback Pistol in this video... "A review of the EMG Official Licensed Taran Tactical custom STI Combat Master 2011. This GBB airsoft training pistol is a replica of the TTI 2011 pistol used by Keanu in John Wick 3. Designed by Taran Butler of Taran Tactical."

Airsoft Klub: ASG STI Combat Master


Airsoft Klub checks out the the ASG STI Combat Master "Baba Yaga" pistol, which probably you know by now inspired a certain movie. This is a CO2 powered airsoft pistol that is based on the 1911 design and made for the 21st Century. It has a magazine capacity of 24 rounds and has an adjustable hop-up.

Speedsoft Combat Master Pistol With Mag Adapter M4


Heuer Airsoft takes into action the Speedsoft Combat Master Pistol With Mag Adapter M4, which means more BBs to put through the pistol in a Speedsoft game... "Hello family, are you so good? Put on your helmet because it comes with stones! Another clip of Speedsoft, I played with John Wick's Combat Master pistol with SAN M4 MAG adapter. I made a 3k right in the game, enjoy the parade there!"

Wood Case For TTI STI Combat Master 2011


For John Wick fans who already bought the TTI STI Combat Master 2011 either the real deal or the airsoft version, here is a wood case to place such pistol as presented by Bruce of BB2K Airsoft... "The airsoft version of the STI / Taran Tactical Innovation (TTI) Combat Master 2011 is already a highlight for every John Wick fan. With the Flintlock Custom Workshop Wood Case Set, this airsoft beauty is now stored according to the standard.

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