Vincent's Custom CASV AEG Build


There was a time when the VLTOR CASV Modular Free-Float Handguard was a favourite upgrade part for M4 AEG owners. Now, we get to see one installed on an E&C AEG, but this is not a replica CASV from King Arms or any other China-based accessories and parts maker, but  a genuine VLTOR CASV that fits the real steel AR. Vincent of Toronto Airsoft shows you his custom build in this video.

King Arms AEGs & Z-Tac Stuff at Hobby King


Second in the airsoft newsletter series from Hobby King... "Hi guys! HobbyKing are proud to be stocking quality Airsoft products now. With our famous low prices and high quality service, we are looking forward to serving Airsofters all over the world! This week, King Arms Airsoft and more Z-tactical Headset and PTT units arrived at Hobby King. Check them out!

Products that have arrived this week:

Big Dragon SCAR CASV Rail


Here's a new frontend rail accessory for your SCAR rifles. YZH have in stock CASV versions for the SCAR and you can select between black and dark earth colours. We always recommend going for a two-toned look by selecting black if your SCAR is DE and vice versa, and they will always look better in 2-tone. Apart from that, you get more rail mounting options.

Massive Product News from King Arms


Well, this is massive product update from King Arms starting with a good list of tactical Flash hiders, tactical single poin slings available in tan, black, od, the CASV sizes in different configurations, and of course the electric blowback version of the Thompson 1928 AEG. Interested dealers and resellers can contact them for bluk purchases. Check the full list below:

"Tactical Flash Hider In Stock Now

Eagle Force VLTOR AEG Series Pre-Order


Just a quick update from Eagle Force, though our readers may just become too saturated with such reminders. Eagle Force are now accepting pre-orders of their VLTOR Weapons Systems CASV AEG Series ever since they released the final models to produce under their brand. The series is comprised of the VLTOR CASV M4A1, VLTOR CASV M4 CQB, VLTOR M4 VIS Carbine, VLTOR CASV-M CQB, and the VLTOR M4 VIS CQB. All of these are available in black and dark earth colours.

Eagle Force VLTOR AEG Series Released


As posted a month ago, Eagle Force are producing their M4 VLTOR CASV AEG Series, and now they are available for bulk orders... "Eagle Force Airsoft are launched their first AEG series, the Vltor series in Apr 2013. Tons of new accessories and parts, and other new rifles will be coming right after. Please take a look on the pictures and information to get to know how nice the EF Vltor AEGs are.

PTT Block 6 Full Metal M4 VLTOR CASV


New video from Airsoft GI show their PTT series and this episode has the one of my all-time favourite rail systems installed --- the VLTOR Weapons Systems CASV... "The Perfect Tactical Trainer (PTT) series of airsoft guns feature real gun rail systems. This VLTOR CAS-V is a well known hand guard due to it's versatile design with modular rail systems and removable bottom piece, that makes way for an M203!

King Arms Releases VLTOR CASV AEGs!


Mark of King Arms sent news on their VLTOR AEGs based on the CASV system developed by VLTOR. They already have the CASV and Clubfoot Modstock based on VLTOR designs, so the only thing left for them is to pull these together and come up with a VLTOR CASV AEG complete with VLTOR Markings... "I know you all have been waiting for this. We just finished putting the samples together yesterday and I got to say they are freaking awesome.



A custom M4 CASV worth looking into. We saw some custom M4 CASVs in different tones before and they look absolutelty awesome. This item from Airsoft Global is based on the G&P M4 Commando, which we admit, is a good base gun as G&P produces M4s faithfully done, down to the gun-metal colour. Costing US$595.00 might seem hefty, but custom guns are priced higher than the usual stock airsoft guns. Though personally, I prefer an ACOG sight for this. is now selling D-BOY BI-3581 M4 CASV Full Metal

OptimusPrime, one of the largest airsoft retailers in the US, with over 10 years of experience is now offering the D-BOY M4 CASV full metal (BI-3581).  BI-3581 is an upgraded model of BI-3681 with Full metal R.I.S., sling mount, cut off style rear sight (instead of carrying handle) and PEQ2 Battery compartment.  The whole entire body, R.I.S., magazine, barrel assembly, stock tube and gearbox is metal just like the Classic Army AEG for half the cost as it is priced at US$169.99 (£85.79/€126).

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