Arroyo Airsoft's Cheap Airsoft Camo Guide


Can you get a good camo for airsoft use at US$4.00? Well, you can as long as you put some extra effort. Here is a cheap airsoft camo guide by Arroyo Airsoft... "For just under $4 you can apply some of the best looking camo to your gun, and all it takes is a bit of effort."

AATV: Personal Camo For Airsoft


An educational video from Anvil Airsoft TV (AATV) as Gadge and Anvil show you how to put on camo paint/cream as well as other camo techniques... "Want to know how to apply and use Personal Camouflage and Camo Paint/Cream in your games of Airsoft? Watch this video to find out! Gadge takes us through Spacing, Silhouette, Shape, Shine, Speed and Suface..."

Airsoft Skin Zone Kit Camo On Striker AS01


Another Airsoft Skin Zone Kit demo as L'Antre du Dingo shows how he applies the camo kit on the Ares Airsoft Amoeba Striker AS01 sniper rifle. There are more kits that you can get for use on other airsoft gun models... "Hi guys, let's have a look at the brand new skin by Airsoft Skin Zone. This one fits the Amoeba Striker AS01!"

Woodland Camo Gear Sale At Military 1st


Looking into ditching your old woodland camo and get new ones? Military 1st are making that decision easier for you as they are offering 10% off on their Woodland camo range starting Mid Day today (BST) until the 16th of June 2019... "We offer 10% off entire Woodland camouflage category at Military 1st online store with Discount Code WOOD19.

Tokyo Marui Recoil Superbuild by CAMO


The Heresy Group checks out the Tokyo Marui Recoil Superbuild by CAMO in Essex... "In this video Richie runs us through the upgrades done by the TM Recoil specialists over at Camoraids/Camocustoms.

Including some scorching internals from Ternisoftair and the titan mosfet from gate electronics."

Travail Fitness Training Plates At CAMO


CAMO announced on their Facebook Page that they will be carrying training plates from Travail Fitness. They offer a good selection of training plates such as the Soft Armour Inserts that can be used in airsoft games as well as Weighted Training Plates such as the Granit 2 that is shown in the photos which is on pre-order and will be released on the 30th of April... "We at CAMO are pleased to announce that we are now officially retailers for the awesome Travail Fitness training plates.

CAMO Showroom Grand Opening


CAMO announce that they are having a Grand Opening of their showroom on Friday. If you are in the Basildon-Canvey Island area in Essex, why not drop by to check out what will be on display at their showroom? They carry products from Tokyo Marui, PTS Syndicate, Swiss Eye, GM Tactical, Earmor, Laylax, and more.

How To Camo Rifle Without Using Paint


Not wanting to paint your airsoft gun to camouflage it? Here is the DIY Guy showing you how to do it, the easy and cheap way... "In this tutorial i will show you how to camouflage an airsoft rifle without paint. The only thing you need is Fabric that is non reflective. This method is cheap, fast and easy."

WMASG: Polish MAPA Camo Pattern Gallery


WMASG got a nice set of photos of the Polish Camo called MAPA. First known by the media in 2012, this is a locally designed pattern by Maciej Dojlitko with the terrain and vegetation of Poland in mind. The link will show you more photos and see for yourself if the locally designed pattern is really apt for the country's armed forces.

AMS: "What Camo Pattern Are You?"


It's another voting session with Airsoft Megastore as they want to find out the camo preferences of airsoft players... "The world of tactical apparel is massive. From battle belts to plate carriers, you can find any pouch to fit your needs. With so many options, it can be hard to know what kind of camo you should run on the field, which is why our quiz is here to help you out!

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