Type 1 AK-47 ASMR


The Quiet Kid does an ASMR session showing one of the early AK-47s produced... "Today I’m showing a rather rare example -  an early production AK-47 with a stamped receiver and a folding stock. AK production began in 1949, and this one is dated 1950. It was made in Joseph Stalin’s Russia, in the city of Izhevsk (the only city where AKs were manufactured at that time).

AK-47 Nature Gun Skin Vinyl Wraps


Quick presentation by Gun Wraps of their AK-47 Nature Gun Skin Vinyl Wraps... "Check out AK-47 Nature gun skin vinyl wraps at GunWraps! Our AK-47 wraps are waterproof, non-reflective, protect your firearm, are cost-effective, and easy to install and remove. Explore GunWraps and choose one of our AK-47 custom gun skin vinyl wraps, learn about our reputation, and discover how to connect with our company."

Lancer Tactical AK-47 At Fox Airsoft


A quick presentation by Fox Airsoft of the Lancer Tactical AK-47 AEG that they have in stock... "The Lancer Tactical AK-47 Airsoft Gun is another great addition to the starter full-length AK-47 market. The AK-47 is a great weapon for anybody looking for a lightweight starter gun and wants to deviate from the sea of M4's out there."

G&G AK-47 EBB After 5 Years


Gerald of Hullehem talks about his first AEG, a G&G AK-47 with electric blowback which he got five years ago... "My "review" for one of my most beloved airlifts in my collection is really scuffed and and I would like to clarify some things in the the description.

This is my very first Airsoft rifle I bought and in itself is somewhere around 5 years old by now.

The Firearm Blog: Why AK-47 Imports Suck


For real steel shooters, The Firearm Blog explains why AK-47 imports suck... "In this episode of TFBTV, James Reeves is at Zastava USA visiting with the Zastava team to discuss why AK-47 imports into the United States are absolutely terrible. Fortunately, Zastava has figured out a way to get by the hurdles presented by ridiculous U.S.

ASG AK-47 Arsenal Full Stock AEG At Airsoft Atlanta


Affordable ASG AK-47 Arsenal Full Stock AEG is available at Airsoft Atlanta... "ASG AK-47 Arsenal Full Stock AEG.  This is the standard AK with faux wood full stock edition. Full licensed Arsenal airsoft model.  Full metal gearbox with nylon fiber reinforced lower and upper receiver,, and combo that includes the starter battery and charger.  This is a great starter gun setup for all players.

AR-15 vs. AK-47: Freezing Torture Test


Which will come out still performing after being subjected below zero freezing conditions? Watch this video from The Firearm Blog as the AR-15 vs AK-47 debate continues... "In this episode of TFBTV, James Reeves puts the AK-47 and the AR-15 against each other in a sub-zero freezing torture test. Both guns were placed in freezing temperatures well below negative 20 degrees Fahrenheit for over 7 hours.

J11 AK-47 Gel Blaster Review By Aussie Shooter


There are AK-47 Gel Blasters that can be used by Australian players as they are the next best thing that they can use as airsoft is not yet legal in Australia. Aussie Shooter reviews the J11 AK-47 Gel Blaster in this video... "What’s going on everybody Aussie shooter here and in today’s video we gonna be taking a look at the J 11 AK-47 Gel blaster and we’re gonna be doing a review on it hope you all enjoy."

"Can You 3D Print An AK-47?"


With 3D printed firearms an issue these days, Brandon Herrera, the AK Guy, checks if an AK-47 can be 3D Printed... "Have you ever wondered if you could 3D print an AK receiver and fire it? Turns out the answer is yes....kind of. From CAD, to MakerBot, to build table, we show you why you probably shouldn’t rely on 3D printers for your AK receiver needs."

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