Specna Arms CORE Series Rifles In-Depth


Airsoft Extreme guides us through the Specna Arms CORE Series of AEGs that they carry at their store... "Check out our latest video where we take a deep dive into the incredible features of the entry-level CORE series by Specna Arms! These rifles are known for their unbeatable toughness, lightweight construction, and unwavering reliability.

Femme Fatale Airsoft Visits Airsoft Extreme


How many airsoft stores carry "Extreme" in their names? We actually lost count and here the next "Extreme" airsoft is Extreme Airsoft that is based in Leicestershire in the UK and touts itself to be the biggest airsoft superstore in the area. It does have one of the easiest to use online store, making it friendly to airsoft players who prefer ordering online. Will it be the same when visiting their actual bricks and mortar store?

AEX Arena Sta. Clara Re-Opens


Airsoft players near and around the Sta. Clara area can get their trigger time now as the AEX Arena in Sta. Clara area re-opened yesterday with some precautions to put social distancing into effect according to Airsoft Extreme... "Prepaid reservations accepted. $20 per session, limit one reservation per day per person. Call 408-492-9282 to make your reservation.  First game sessions on May 8!

Walk-ins are allowed, but cannot play if the field is full.

8 player maximum per session to maintain social distancing.

Curbside Pickup Available At Airsoft Extreme


Airsoft Extreme is open for business but as they exercise caution for the safety of everyone, they are offering curbside pickups for those who prefer this method and they have limited opening hours, from 12noon to 4pm... "Airsoft Extreme is making curbside pickup available for customers picking up their finished gun work and online orders. Call ahead to the store and let them know you are coming.

Airsoft Master & Airsoft Extreme Broken Into


Airsoft players in the U.S. are advised to be on the lookout for items being sold at too good to be true prices as two airsoft sellers have experienced break-ins this week. Airsoft Master in Buena Park and Airsoft Extreme in Sacramento, both in California, posted photos about the details of the crime where various airsoft guns and accessories were taken.

If you get information about the items and those behind the crime, please advise the retailers or police authorities.

Blackhawk! Omnivore At Airsoft Extreme


The almost universal holster from BlackHawk!, the Omnivore Holster, is now in stock at Airsoft Extreme. Just select whether you need a light-bearing model or not, and if you prefer a holster for left or right handed shooting... "Multiple holsters for multiple handguns is no longer an issue. The BLACKHAWK!® Omnivore™ multi-fit family of holsters accommodates more than 150 styles of semi-automatic handguns."

Classic Army UMC AEG At Airsoft Extreme


For those who are looking for the Classic Army UMC AEG, you can find some in stock at Airsoft Extreme right now... "An oldie but a goodie. We dug up a small quantity of these oldies but goodies in our warehouse. Small, compact, super robust AEGs featuring a very sturdy nylon reinforced body, folding stock, adjust sights...easily able to handle Lipo batteries. Priced to move! Get one before they're gone!"

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