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The Benefits Of ACOG-Type Optics

Gun Gamers make the case on using ACOG-type optics in airsoft for this video, citing their benefits. Do you agree or you prefer other types of optics? Watch the video... "In this slightly late video, Garrett talks about why he likes ACOG type optics for airsoft rifles, and what the pros and cons of the optic format are."

ACM EOTech 552 Replica and ACOG-Type Illuminated Cross Hair Scope

One of the things that bugs us airsofters is to accessorise our airsoft replicas as close to the real thing as possible. We always want the realistic look in our loadout from airsoft replicas up to our own get-up such as battle dress uniforms and tactical accessories.

Ex Demo STRIKE 4x40 ACOG Replica For Sale

This used ACOG replica is on sale now at 6mil. It is used but it will serve its purpose for airsoft and with a cheaper price to boot. You might be interested in it.. "An ex demo display model that is in good condition on the outside and comes complete with all the mounting accessories. The scope will not however zero in and as such will only be of use for spotting and looks."

ACM ACOG 4x32 TRIJICON Replica At CheckSix Airsoft

For those who prefer the ACOG-type sight which has the 4x32 magnification like the real the ACOG TA01NSN rather than the red/green dot sights, you can check this out at Checksix Airsoft..."China made ACOG. Designed to represent the real ACOG used by the US Special Forces. This China made ACOG also has 4x magnification. It comes with a BUIS for close quarters and fast acquisition of targets. It also comes with authentic looking markings."

EB Tactical: 4 X Optic Scope ACOG With Iron Sight

EB Tactical now has in stock a replica of the Trijicon ACOG TA01NSN that is an actual optical sight, as compared to other ACM ACOG replicas that sport red/green dot sights. It is capable of 4x magnification and the design is actually closer to the TA01NSN complete with markings. It is sold out for the meantime so you'll have to wait until it is back in stock. For the price of US$98 with free shipping, it's a steal!

ACM ACOG Delux Replica Trijicon Scope

New at Iron Foot Shop, the ACM ACOG Delux Replica Trijicon Scope... "Deluxe Replica scope in the style of the famous Trijicon NSN 4 x 4/6 reticule. ACOG (Advanced Combat Optical Gunsite ). The real one was designed specifically for the US Special Operations Command SOPMOD M4 Carbine. price approx £500.00. Fits fits the AR15/M16 top railed rifles Special Forces model include a back up iron sight configuration." Iron Foot Shop is retailing this for £94.95.


ACOG Scope Red Reticle Just Released By Star Airsoft

Star Airsoft Accessories just released today their version of the ACOG Scope. A replica copy of the 4x32 Trijicon ACOG which is adopted by the US Marine Corps, the scope comes with an adjustable Red Illuminated Reticule. The original Trijicon 4x32 ACOG scope gives you enough magnification to place shots accurately up to 800 meters and very handy as a snap-shot weapon in close quarters combat.  This weighs 490 grams and its recommended retail price is US$160.00.