Hi-Capa 5KU Lightweight Aluminium Frame Install


Angry Bull discusses the potential benefits of upgrading to the Hi Capa 5KU Lightweight Aluminium Frame. This frame, constructed from CNC 7075 Aluminum, features an anodized matte finish and a 2011 marking. With an approximate length of 160mm and a 20mm bottom rail, it also boasts an improved hammer housing version. This version includes a stainless steel sear, valve knocker, and pin set. Notably, this frame is suitable for the Marui Hi-capa gas blow back pistol.

5KU Spitfire Mini Tracer Flame Effect


Jev YTC tries the 5KU Spitfire Mini Tracer unit that is one of the best sellers from 5KU. This tracer unit, apart from illuminating tracer BBs also has a simulated muzzle flash effect. This has a very sensitive motion sensor and the and rechargeable lithium battery can charged with a mini USB cable. It can be fitted on 14CCW threads or 11mm internal thread for pistols.

AAP-01 Airsoft Pistol 5KU BBU Upgrade


Another surgery on the Action Army AAP-01 Assassin Gas Blowback Pistol as done by Angry Bull with upgrade parts for it... "In the next episode of disgusting airsoft heresy! The AAP01 - The newest AAP01 in my armoury is being upgraded with a lightweight BBU from 5KU."

5KU Spitfire Tracer Unit For Airsoft


SAT&Gaming Airsoft finds the 5KU Spitfire Tracer Unit fun to use. This uses an LED light at the front to simulate muzzle fire. It comes with a thread adapter that allows one to mount it from 11mm CW threads to 14mm CCWs. It has a bult-in rechargeable lithium battery with a battery level indicator and a full charge can light up 30,000 BB rounds.

Specna Arms, Camo Pen, Primal Gear & More Arrivals At Gunfire


Time for a busy online shopping activity this weekend if you are not playing airsoft. Gunfire announced that they have taken new deliveries and restock of products from Camo Pen, Primal Gear, Specna Arms, FMA, and 5KU. Plus they sent in an image of what is called the "E&L Airsoft Essentials" which we have no idea what this is all about. More information below:

Gunfire Weekly Update: G&G, 5KU, Specna Arms & More Novelties


Here is latest update from Gunfire on new arrivals and restocked items of G&G Armament AEGs, 5KU parts and upgrades, Specna Arms CORE BBs, protective pads from Alta Industries, and chrono machines from Xcortech to meet your needs. Check their online store for thousands of products geared towards beginner and veteran airsoft players.

G&G Armament

Bolt Airsoft, Golden Eagle, Big Dragon, & More At Gunfire


Loads of new products and restock items at Gunfire this week. When you visit their online store you'll find deliveries such as AEGs from Bolt Airsoft, Specna Arms and Golden Eagle. If you need accessories and upgrade parts then there are arrivals from MadBull Airsoft, MAXX Model, Big Dragon, and 5KU. Click on the links below to learn more:

"Bolt Airsoft

The Daniel Defense MK18 Mod1 BRSS and AKSU74 Tac BRSS are in stock.

Secutor Shotguns & More At Gunfire


Gunfire just got a massive delivery this week and many of them coming some of the most familiar brands in airsoft. The Velites Shotguns from Secutor Arms as well as airsoft guns from Classic Army and CAA Airsoft Division. Gear and accessories from ElectroRiver, Specna Arms, Mechanix Wear, 5KU, and Armored Claw are in stock as well. Check the links below:

5KU KAC Airsoft Suppressor Overview


BlueSeal8 gives us a quick overview of the KAC Airsoft Suppressor which he says works best with HPA powered airsoft guns... "This is an overview of the 5KU brand Knight's Armament Suppressor. I bought this suppressor a long time ago, and I realized there weren't any extensive overviews of this specific model. It is foam filled, so if you run a HPA (high-pressure air) airsoft gun, it can silence your shots!

eHobby Asia Newly Released Products


With their End of Season Sale ongoing, eHobby Asia also announce newly released products now in stock at their online store. The new arrivals are from G&P, Ares Airsoft's Amoeba brand, eHobby Asia Custom (EAC), WinGun, 5.11 Tactical, Army Force, and 5KU. Just click the links below to learn more.

G&P MOTS II 12.5 Phantom AEG

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