Smith & Wesson Upgrades M&P15-22 With B5 Furniture Package


S&W M&P 15-22 Sport With B5 Furniture

Smith & Wesson has unveiled the B5 Edition of their M&P15-22 rifle, a modernized version of the beloved rimfire carbine. This update introduces enhanced furniture, elevating its appeal among firearms enthusiasts.

The M&P15-22 stands out in the .22LR arena. It's engineered to emulate the AR-15 platform's aesthetics and operation, which is predominantly utilized in centerfire rifles. This design choice offers a seamless training transition for those accustomed to the AR-15's mechanics.

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A notable feature of the M&P15-22 is its compatibility with standard AR-15 components. Its design closely mirrors that of the AR-15, allowing for the use of most AR-15 tailored furniture and accessories. This versatility simplifies the customization process for rimfire aficionados.

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With the B5 Edition, Smith & Wesson advances this modularity by incorporating superior furniture directly from the production line. The carbine is now equipped with a B5 Systems Bravo Stock, renowned for its adjustability and ergonomic benefits, including quick-detach sling mounts and an optimized cheek weld for comfort.

Additionally, the B5 Edition comes with the B5 Systems P Grip 23. This pistol grip features a contemporary design with a neutral angle, offering an ergonomic advantage over the conventional AR-15 grip. This enhancement is aimed at providing a more comfortable shooting experience.

S&W M&P 15-22 Sport With B5 Furniture 03


The M&P15-22 B5 Edition positions itself as an attractive choice for those in search of a high-quality rimfire carbine loaded with features. The pre-installed upgraded furniture not only boosts the rifle's visual appeal but also its practicality and comfort, negating the necessity for further customizations.

This model represents a cost-effective solution for shooters, eliminating the additional expenses and effort associated with aftermarket enhancements.

For further details on the M&P15-22 B5 Edition and the full range of Smith & Wesson products, enthusiasts are encouraged to explore their official website. 

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