SK Guns Unleashes The "Luchando Tigre" In Their Untamed Series Of Custom Guns


SK Guns Luchando Tigre

American firearms manufacturer SK Guns, known for their series-driven, limited-edition custom firearms, has unveiled the latest addition to their Untamed Series: the "Luchando Tigre." This unique pistol merges a fascinating cultural tradition with the power of a deadly predator.

The name "Luchando Tigre" translates to "Fighting Tiger" and draws inspiration from the Atsatsilisti ritual practiced in the Mexican state of Guerrero. This ritual involves an offering of blood to the god Tláloc and the earth in exchange for rain.

SK Guns Luchando Tigre 02

The tribute participant, dressed as a tiger, sheds blood as part of the offering. The Luchando Tigre pistol depicts this very scene, with a ferocious tiger artwork adorning the slide, leaping towards its prey.

Limited to just 200 pieces, the Luchando Tigre is built on the Colt 1911 Full-Size Government Model platform and chambered in .38 Super. The pistol features a semi-polished stainless finish on the slide and frame flats, enhancing its distinctive look.

SK Guns Luchando Tigre 03


SK Guns Luchando Tigre 04

SK Guns founder Simon Khiabani expressed his excitement for the new edition. “This year’s edition of the Untamed Series truly embodies the idea behind this line of custom guns,” Khiabani said. “The tiger symbolism used in the Arsatslisti ritual for rain combined with the danger synonymous with the Bengal tiger that is depicted along the slide showcases the “tigris” subspecies century-old status as one of the most feared predators in the world.”

The tiger on the pistol is a sight to behold. Crafted in 24K gold with black-filled stripes, it exudes both luxury and ferocity. The menacing look is further accentuated by selective silver plating on the eyes, teeth, and claws.

SK Guns Luchando Tigre 05

A testament to the pistol's heritage, the Colt logo is featured on the rear left panel. Each pistol is also engraved with its unique series number on the right panel, solidifying its exclusivity within the limited run.

The Luchando Tigre starts at $2,700 and will begin shipping on Cinco de Mayo, May 5th, 2024.

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