SK Guns Release The "Da Vinci" Of From The Early Italian Renaissance-Inspired 1911 Series


SK Customs "Da Vunci"

SK Guns collaborated with Springfield Armory to introduce the Early Italian Renaissance Series, a collection of limited-edition elaborately customized 1911 pistols that collectors would surely want in encased in glass. This series is a tribute to the 15th-century cultural renaissance, renowned for its significant artistic and scholarly achievements.

The series' second release is a celebration of Leonardo da Vinci's genius. Each pistol is adorned with detailed engravings of Da Vinci's masterpieces, such as the mysterious "Mona Lisa," the symmetrical "Vitruvian Man," and the dramatic "The Last Supper." These engravings honor Da Vinci's enduring legacy in the arts.

Each piece in the Early Italian Renaissance Series is a coveted collector's item, with only 250 units produced. Possessing one of these pistols is a nod to exquisite artisanship and a connection to the profound cultural and artistic legacy of the Renaissance era.

SK Customs "Da Vunci" 02

SK Guns has developed an exclusive method to impart a mesmerizing violet hue to the pistols. This specialized color conversion technique guarantees a finish that is both reflective and durable. The pistols are further embellished with authentic Italian Olivewood grips, meticulously painted to complement the violet tones, and carved with the Fleur-de-Lis, emblematic of Italy.

SK Customs "Da Vunci" 03

The pistols exude sophistication, with semi-polished frames and slide flats, and a gleaming barrel. The engravings and selected components are highlighted with 24k gold plating, adding to the firearm's opulence.

The Early Italian Renaissance Series is not yet on sale, but interested parties can sign up for a waitlist to be informed when these pistols are available for purchase.

SK Customs "Da Vunci" 04

The collection also includes a model dedicated to Michelangelo, which was the inaugural release of the series.

The "Leonardo da Vinci" pistol is the second installment of this four-part anthology. Each chapter of the collection is designed to be a work of art, inspired by the legendary figures of the Early Italian Renaissance.

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