SHOT Show 2023 Day 2: PSA StG-44 Assault Rifle, PTS MAWL, S&W M&P5.7

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TFB SHOT Show 2023: PSA StG-44

More and more reports are coming in as the SHOT Show 2023 went through its second day. The initial days show us that there is a lot to look forward to this year and those are just the preliminaries. Before you read on further below, here is a recap of Day 2 from the organisers:

To many quarters, the biggest story of the day is the announcement that Palmetto State Armory (PSA) will be producing the assault rifle first in the European theatre during the latter parts of World War II --- the Sturmgewehr 44 or more known as the StG-44. It is the first successful assault rifle developed and is said to have influenced the design of the AK-47, the most widely produced assault rifle in the world. The Firearm Blog got PSA to talk about it the plan in this video:

If you have been wondering where the airsoft and related industries are at the SHOT Show, they are busy as hell taking care of trade visitors and we hope they are hving brisk business signing up new customers.

A familiar and regular exhibitor at the MOA International Exhibtion in Taipei, Retro Motif, sent us ttheir booth photos. For companies in the tactical, firearms and airsoft communities looking for corporate giveaways, the company got some good designs that can be to their liking as well as their customers such as the Mortar Water Bottle, AR pens, Military flashlight atomizers and more.

Retro Motif SHOT 2023

PTS Syndicate got good foot traffic at their booth, having released their 2023 catalog with airsoft version of the ZEV OZ9 handgun being front and centre of the catalog. Another product that PTS will be releasing is the licensed B.E. Meyers MAWL replica for airsoft use which they revealed to their customers via their Facebook page.


The biggest airsoft retailer in North America, Evike.com, is a mainstay at the SHOT Show and they say they have an amazing gun display using the unishot system. We expect videos from them coming out in the following days.

Evike SHOT 2023

Laylax and RedWolf Airsoft are present at the SHOT Show 2023 and we expect reports about their displays soon enough.

Now, it's the portion where we post the videos shared by real steel websites and YouTube Channels. Apart from the PSA StG-44 news, The Firearm Blog added Underfolder Zastava M70 report and it's in the USA.

The Backfire channel reports that 36 new guns have been announced at the SHOT Show though this does not include those from airsoft. Watch the video below to find out what these are:

Gun Talk Media did a livestream of the SHOT Show 2023 covering the new models from Taurus with the attention on the 865/605 TORO. They follow up this livestream with a report on the new Smith & Wesson M&P5.7.

James Yeager got two more new videos on the second day. The first one is a visit to the Glock booth and the second one is about the XS Sights Complete Sight Solution.

HRT Tactical Gear got visited by Thin Line Defense and they get to talk about the ARC belt and LBAC upgrades.

We're just halfway through the SHOT Show 2023 so keep you eyes peeled for more reports.

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