Safariland and Noveske Rifleworks Collaborate on Limited-Edition Liberator HP Headset

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Safaraliland x Noveske N81 Liberator HP headset

In a move that marks a significant milestone for the tactical gear industry, Safariland has collaborated with Noveske Rifleworks to introduce a limited-edition Liberator HP headset. This partnership brings together two highly respected brands, resulting in a product that seamlessly blends cutting-edge technology with a distinctive design.

As of this writing, the headset was immediately snapped up and Safariland has given no indications another batch will be released, indicating about other future exclusive drops on their Facebook page.

Safaraliland x Noveske N81 Liberator HP headset 02

Noveske Rifleworks, renowned for its commitment to quality and innovation, has infused the Liberator HP with its signature style. The headset boasts meticulously crafted N81 camo, a unique Cerakote finish developed in-house by Noveske. This design element adorns the Liberator HP earcups, creating a visually striking look that doesn't compromise on functionality.

The N81 camo draws inspiration from the classic M81 Woodland pattern, incorporating Noveske's signature Cerakote colours. The resulting pattern features a blend of Bazooka Green, Tiger Eye, Armor Black, and Multicam Dark Brown, offering a unique and effective camouflage solution.

Safaraliland x Noveske N81 Liberator HP headset 03

Jeff Pool, President of Noveske Rifleworks said, "Noveske is about building a community founded on the mutual respect of creating high quality product. We’re thrilled to work alongside Safariland in producing a limited run of Liberator HPs as the start of a fun and collaborative partnership and we’re excited to see what comes next. This highlights the mutual respect between the two companies for their dedication to high-quality products, Pool expressed his enthusiasm for the collaboration and hinted at future endeavours.

The Liberator HP headset itself represents the forefront of electronic hearing protection technology. Engineered to withstand demanding environments, it delivers exceptional hearing protection, particularly in situations involving loud impulse noises and persistent high-decibel background noise.

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The headset boasts three distinct hearing protection modes. Enhanced Mode blocks harmful impulse sounds while amplifying nearby speech and other important audio cues. Move Mode provides complete noise cancellation, while Clarity Mode offers the same function with the added benefit of enhancing nearby conversations and sounds.

The Liberator HP features a slim earcup design incorporating advanced sound barrier technology, along with high-definition speakers and enhanced electronics. For user convenience, the headset utilizes a speed-change battery compartment that accepts either two AAA batteries or a single CR123 battery.

Safaraliland x Noveske N81 Liberator HP headset 05

According to Timothy Drnec, VP of Marketing for Safariland, this collaboration with Noveske marks the beginning of an ongoing partnership. Drnec emphasized the combination of Safariland's expertise in protective gear with Noveske's renowned craftsmanship, highlighting their ability to offer customers a modern and innovative take on range gear.

The exclusive edition of the Safariland Liberator HP with Noveske Cerakote is a highly sought-after item for range and shooting enthusiasts this year, especially given its limited availability.


Photos from the Safariland Facebook Page.

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