Rose By SIG Sauer Unveils New Red Dot Sight & Flashlight For Valentine's Day


SIG Sauer ROSE EDC Accessories

A year prior, SIG Sauer launched the ROSE program, a distinctive initiative with the goal of empowering women in the field of concealed carry. Presently, the program is thriving with the unveiling of two new accessories designed specifically for the ROSE series: the ROMEO-X red dot sight and the FOXTROT-EDC flashlight. The company will be releasing this on Valentine's day.

“The optic and flashlight are exciting accessory additions to the ROSE family because they introduce new skills and encourage growth for our community to continue their journey,” began Lena Miculek, Team SIG professional shooter.  “The ROSE ROMEO-X red dot is the easiest upgrade to improve all aspects of shooting and takes minutes to install.”

Envision this situation: as the sun descends and the shadows grow longer, one reaches for their dependable ROSE pistol. However, aiming in the dim light can pose a challenge and here, the ROSE ROMEO-X red-dot sight enters the picture. A product of SIG SAUER Electro-Optics, is a unique blend of aesthetics and functionality. It boasts custom ROSE branding, including a rose gold button cover, fiber optics, and engraving. The sight is specifically designed to fit micro-compact pistols with P365 and Shield™ RMSc footprints, such as the ROSE by SIG SAUER 9mm and 380 pistols. Crafted from 7075 aircraft-grade aluminum, it features machined anti-reflection grooves on shooter facing surfaces and distortion-free aspheric glass. A patent-pending Beryllium Copper flexure-arm adjustment system enhances its precision.

ROSE ROMEO-X red-dot sight

The ROSE ROMEO-X Series integrates a high-efficiency point source red LED emitter with a 2 MOA dot / 32 MOA circle reticle. It offers side independent brightness adjustment buttons and 15 brightness settings, including options for night vision. The sight also includes a side-mounted CR1632 battery compartment with a threaded battery cap, eliminating the need to remove the optic from the pistol for battery changes. The ROSE ROMEO-X provides a low deck height for standard-height iron sight co-witness and boasts a minimum continuous runtime of 20,000 hours at medium brightness setting. It utilizes advanced technologies such as MOTAC™ (Motion Activated Illumination), MAGNETAC™ (Magnetic Activation), and D.A.R.C™ (Dark Adaptive Reticles & Coatings) to enhance its performance.

But what if the shadows hide more than just the setting sun? The FOXTROT-EDC flashlight emerges as a personal beacon. The ROSE FOXTROT-EDC flashlight, a product of SIG SAUER Electro-Optics, is distinctively marked with custom ROSE branding. This includes a rose gold anodized tailcap, bezel ring, and a laser-engraved body of the flashlight. It’s a high-performance device, boasting 1,350 Lumens and 33,000 Candela, offering up to an hour of runtime powered by a rechargeable Lithium-Ion battery.


The design of the ROSE FOXTROT-EDC is optimized for convenience and portability. It fits comfortably in pockets, pouches, purses, or packs and features a deep carry pocket clip. This makes it a perfect complement to your ROSE by SIG SAUER pistol or a great starting point for your journey with ROSE. To ensure uninterrupted use, the flashlight comes with two rechargeable batteries (one for immediate use and another for a hot swap) and a USB-C charging cable.

The ROSE program isn't about pink firearms or ornamental embellishments. It transcends mere aesthetics, offering a comprehensive ecosystem that encompasses not only hardware (excluding ammunition for safety reasons) but also complimentary online courses and a supportive community. The program's design guides women from being inquisitive beginners to becoming assured protectors, providing a pathway to personal empowerment.

These accessories are not merely add-ons; they encapsulate the ethos of the ROSE program. They act as confidence boosters, meticulously crafted to enhance skills and amplify voices. Each click of the red dot and each beam of light echoes Sig Sauer's commitment to quality and female empowerment.

For women who are into having firearms for self defence, why not become part of this burgeoning movement? Harness inner strength and let the ROSE accessories guide the journey of self-discovery and protection. The garden is open, and the power to bloom resides within. Remember, with ROSE, one isn't just carrying a pistol; they're carrying a symbol of empowerment.

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