Perun Airsoft G&G ETU Upgrade Kit

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Perun Airsoft G&G ETU Upgrade Kit

The airsoft industry has always done it best to keep up with not only the high market demand for new innovations but also with the advancements in new technologies. This has in recent times, showed us a surge in ETUs or Electronic Trigger Units and MOSFETs that give airsoft AEGs an extended range of features.

These features vary from different firing modes to Lipo battery protection. The more features an ETU or MOSFET has, the better it is and could also mean the more expensive it can be.

A company from Poland called Perun have released their own version of ETU and MOSFET and have kindly sent us some samples to test.

Perun G&G ETU Upgrade Kit 02


The first one that we will look at is their take on the G&G ETU. Latest G&G AEGs are now fitted with their own ETU which can be programmed to not only protect your rifle and battery but also enables your airsoft rifle to fire a three-round burst.

I have a G&G ARP9 so I have decided to swap the old ETU to the Perun G&G ETU Kit.

Perun Airsoft G&G ETU Upgrade Kit 03


Perun Airsoft G&G ETU Upgrade Kit 04


Perun Airsoft G&G ETU Upgrade Kit 05



Since I am not an airsoft tech myself, I took my ARP9 and Perun Airsoft ETU to my good friends at ROE Airsoft here in Essex UK to help me with swapping the ETUs.

From what I’ve read, this should be an easy swap. It is as simple as literally swapping the old and the new. But to be on the safe side, I asked Luke of ROE to do the swap for me.

Perun Airsoft G&G ETU Upgrade Kit 06


To swap the Perun Airsoft ETU with the old G&G ETU, you will need to remove the buffer tube/battery compartment off. This will expose the full battery wiring and the old ETU. It will also show how the ETU is connected to the wiring of the ARP9. The connection is simply a plug in connection so all you need to do is pull the wires out of the connections and connect them to the new ETU. This is probably the easiest upgrade that one can do on an airsoft AEG. Once all connections are in the right place, it’s ready to use.

Perun Airsoft G&G ETU Upgrade Kit 07


Perun Airsoft G&G ETU Upgrade Kit 08


Perun Airsoft G&G ETU Upgrade Kit 09


Perun Airsoft G&G ETU Upgrade Kit 11


Perun Airsoft G&G ETU Upgrade Kit 12




The package contains a card which lists all the different modes that the rifle can be programmed to. You can change the mode for the semi or/and auto firing mode and revert it all back to its original programming.

To change the firing mode of “semi” cycle the fire selector lever from “semi” to “auto” twice. You will hear a sound to indicate that it’s done. Then pull the trigger to the desired mode e.g. once for 1, twice for 2, five times for 5 and so on. You will need to pull the trigger for less than 2 seconds per pull then to set the mode, pull the trigger for more than 2 seconds. An audible sound will be heard to indicate the setting is done.

Perun Airsoft G&G ETU Upgrade Kit 13


Do the same to program the “auto” mode but this time start cycling the fire selector from “auto”.

I found it fiddly to begin with and needs getting used to it but once you figure it out it’s easy to do. The card is a handy cheat guide to make the programming faster so try not to lose it.


The Perun G&G ETU gives your G&G AEG a bit more than the stock ETU. I found the Perun ETU responsive and does not give that lag on the trigger compared to normal AEGs. Compared to the G&G stock ETU, I would say that I can hardly tell the response difference so the advantage of the Perun ETU is that it has more programmable modes including the Air Brake and the battery protection mode.

Perun Airsoft G&G ETU Upgrade Kit 14


So I guess the question would be: is it worth swapping the existing G&G ETU to the Perun ETU? What I would say is it would all depend if you want more programs from your AEG apart from the 3-round burst mode. I think it will be useful for the longer G&G rifles that can or are used as DMRs as both semi and auto can be locked to single shot modes. That is if your site will allow you to use it that way as some sites require a physical lock on the rifle.

Perun Airsoft G&G ETU Upgrade Kit 15


The Perun G&G ETU Upgrade Kit is, for me, a great upgrade option to your compatible G&G AEG. It is affordable, easy to install, easy to program and adds more options to your rifle. Is it a necessary, upgrade? In my honest opinion, whilst the G&G ETU works perfectly, your requirements for your AEG and playing style will determine your decision to purchase this or not.

Our thanks to Jakub of Perun for sending us this upgrade kit. It can be purchased from authorized resellers, especially in Europe.


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