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Element AN/PEQ-16A Pointer Aiming Light

Element AN/PEQ-16A Pointer Illuminator Aiming Light

The Element AN/PEQ is a solid piece of tactical equipment that provides different functionalities such as a Flash Light, a Red Laser, a Blue LED and an Infra Red Light. This is a replica of the Insight AN-PEQ16 and is successor to the PEQ15 ATPIAL which is a narrower IPIM (Integrated Pointer/Illuminator Module) while the AN-PEQ16 is wider.

Let’s start with the build quality:

The casing is quite compact and made out of very sturdy plastic. It features three plastic covers, for the batteries, the Flashlight and the other functions. These covers are attached to the main body by rubber elastics which secure the covers firmly when you either set them aside or unthread the battery cover.

The only detail I didn't like is the quality of the stickers that you have to place yourself on the casing. They tend to get loose easily and are of low quality, I would prefer they come with these stickers from factory with better material and adhesive.

Moving on to the functions:

My favorite function is by far the Flashlight. Punching over 90 lumens LED it can obfuscate players easily whether its dusk, night or in broad day light! The LED offers a consistent light with a very bright core.

As for the Red Laser, its also great to have it, but it will be pretty useless outdoors because its too weak. On the casing you do have two adjustment knobs for windage and elevation, which enable you to adjust the laser.

The Blue Light is good for low profile operations where the LED light could give you away and it works pretty well.

As for the last function, the IR Light, in order to be able to active it, you must unscrew a blue metal screw on the selector. When I tried it with my NV goggles I noticed it was a pretty normal IR light that doesn’t have much range, so it ends up having no effect if you have NV. It would have been more useful if Element had included an IR Laser so one could easily designate targets.

How does it work?

To activate the functions you must first choose what you want to use in the selector knob and either press the "Fire" button (for always on operation), or use the included remote pressure switch which Element nicely included in the package, which activates the function you selected as long as you keep pressure on the switch. I found the switch to fit nicely between my VFC SCAR rails, but you can use it on most grips that are prepared for pressures switches or simply by using some tape or some Velcro’s.

This model in particular uses two CR123A type batteries.


I'm quite happy with this particular AN/PEQ though I mainly use as a Flash Light. However, in the short term I might be looking in the market for a substitute with a IR Laser designator, so I hope Element is cooking up some updated unit so I can replace this one!