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Communication is a vital ingredient to any team related activity. May this be  a sport or hobby-related such as airsoft (and event paintball) or military and law enforcement operations. To be able to function as a single unit, the team needs to be able to talk or communicate with each other.

In airsoft, players communicate by signs and signals and even shouting at each other but this is difficult if the teams want to cover a wider area. This is where radio communication comes in. Two-way radios allow the players to talk to each other at a wider distance during a game but we all know that airsoft is not just about being effective; airsoft is also all about looking the part. Using tactical communication headsets not only helps players communicate with their team members but also makes the players look more tacticool. Real deal original headsets cost hundreds of pounds so whilst there are players who will only use real deal equipments, there are also those who wouldn’t mind using replicas that are way much cheaper and would suit most airsofters’ budgets.

Communication headset replicas have been out for some time now and Earmor is one of these brands. Earmor have released 2 headsets that look like the Peltor Comtac, namely the Earmor M31 and M32 to cater to both practical shooters and skirmishers. Both versions have noise reduction features to protect the users’ hearing from loud noises. The M31 is purely an ear protection headset with a noise reduction feature and includes a jack to connect the headset to a media device such as a mobile phone. The M32 is more of a communication headset and features not only the noise reduction feature but also a mic to enable it to be connected to a two way radio via a PTT adapter.

Both the M31 and M32 feature a soft cushion around the ears that provide comfort when worn. The noise reduction feature eliminates most environmental noise while still allowing you to hear at someone talking directly to you. The noise reduction can be adjusted via controls located on the right ear cup. The headset is powered by 2 AAA batteries which go into 2 separate battery compartments located on each ear cup.

The M32 is the comms version and features a detachable mic which can be swapped from the left or right side of the headset. The M32 also has a Mod 2 version with features some subtle improvements like a rubber cover to protect the mic inlet that is not being used and a much more softer and comfortable ear cushion. The M32 mod 3 also has improved sound quality with noticeably less white noise.

The quality of the Earmor headsets is very good. The finish is very clean and looks high quality. It obviously does not have the same quality as the real deal comms headset but for the cost of the Earmor headset, it is well worth it. One thing that I always look for with headsets is comfort. And I measure this with 2 things. One is weight. I test this not by actually weighing the headset but feeling its weight on my head. Surprisingly, the Earmors although they look much more bulky due to the thicker ear muffs feels lighter than another brand that I use. Next is the tightness of the headset around the head and ears, the Earmor headset has thicker and softer ear cushions and the head band also has a soft foam layer and feels more comfortable on the head, especially if you are not blessed with hair like me. I wouldn’t say that the Earmor is less tight than my other headset but these comfort features makes it less constricting.

The headsets can also be attached to your helmet with helmet adapters which are sold separately. It does involve a bit of work to get completely detach the ear cups. But if you feel like doing all that extra work you can always purchase the M32H which comes with the helmet attachments.

CAMO provided me with the samples and they also provided me with the Earmor PTT to connect the headset to my radio. The two work together well although the headset will still work with other compatible PTTs.  Sound quality is decent with the mod 3 having slightly better sound quality than the mod 1 and 2.

All in all, the Earmor headsets are high quality communication headset replicas which are well worth their price. They offer protection for your ears not only from noise and BB hits but also provides warmth in cold weather. Noise reduction feature works well and is fully adjustable and the sound quality from the comms is very decent.

I have only started using headsets and comms recently during gameplays and I am well pleased with the performance of the EARMOR headsets. They look the part and they do the job.

Many thanks to CAMO or for letting me try the headsets. Please check them online if you are looking for communication headsets. They have both the M31 and M32 and M32H versions in stock and also other accessories that you may need.

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