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ASG CZ 75D Compact CO2 Gas Blowback Pistol

CZ 75 CO2 GBB Pistol Review by Moondog Screencap

This time, Moondog gets his hands on the Česká Zbrojovka 75 Compact CO2-powered Gas Blowback Pistol which is licensed under ASG. This is a hard hitting compact airsoft pistol, given the nature of its power source. We do not recommend it to be a skirmish pistol in the UK, but can be used in woodland skirmishes in other countries legally.

Video review and the text used in the review for your reference is provided right after it:


This sought after 9mm was developed by Česká Zbrojovka in 1975, hence it's name CZ75. It is the gun of choice of Rally Vincent from Gunsmith Cats and its design was the basis for the Jehrico 941 Baby Eagle.


The CZ75 comes in a cardboard and styrene box with the gun, magazine, manuals, an adjustment tool and sample BBs. ASG is a Danish sports company which holds the license to produce toy guns with the CZ trademark, with WinGun of Taiwan as their manufacturer. ASG has released a number of CZ75 models. This is the compact variant.


The modernized CZ75 has a tactical rail built into the frame for accessories. Unlike a real gun, the ASG frame is plastic but feels solid and has nice rubber grips. The slide, trigger, hammer and magazine, are full metal.

Mock serial numbers and full CZ trades are etched into the slide though not totally accurate in designl. Nor can the pistol be taken down like real steel. The frame safety lever is functional but the slide lock is fake.

The slide pulls back reveal solid metal and the tiny hop-up adjustment screw near the top. The rear sights are adjustable for windage but not elevation.

It's fair to say this gun is "styled" after the real CZ75 rather than a replica.

The 15-round magazine appears identical to Wingun's G&G 1911 CO2 blowback. Each mag contains the CO2 cartridge and requires a flathead screwdriver tighten. It can be little tricky to load properly. It is easy to over tighten and cause all the gas to dump.


The average FPS was above 390fps with .20g BBs, which makes this unsafe for CQB fields. But this offers you the range of an AEG outdoors, and allows you to use it in colder weather than a green gas gun. I managed 3 reloads on a single CO2 cartridge.

Firing 5 rounds with the pistol bench rested, yielded a 6 inch group from 25ft. with one fly-away which may be due to the hop-up breaking in. Trigger pull was light and the blowback crisp. Overall it felt like firing a green gas blowback.


The ASG CZ75 is a solid performing gas blowback pistol that is ideal for outdoor use. It's a step up from the CO2 Jericho and P99 I've previously reviewed. On the downside, it lacks the realistic takedown, detail and build quality of a Tokyo Marui or KSC CZ75. But on the upside, it has twice the effective range of those green gas pistols and it's less than half the price.



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