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Acetech Lighter BT Review

During the IWA Outdoor Show 2019 last March at Nuremberg in Germany, we saw a few companies making suppressor style tracer units which can also measure your RIF’s muzzle velocity. These airsoft gadgets are pretty handy as you don’t need to have a separate chrono unit to measure the power of your replica.

A few months ago, I wrote an article about a product which acts as a tracer unit and a chrono + a BB counter unit. This time, a company from Taiwan called Acetech sent me a sample of their latest product, the Acetech Lighter BT.

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The Lighter BT is a metal suppressor style tube that attaches to the front end of your replica. The pack contains an extra 11mm adapter and a charging chord. The tracer unit is powered by a rechargeable lipo battery which is already included.

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To charge the unit, unscrew the front cover to reveal the charging port. Connect the charging cord and plug the cord to any USB port. To turn the unit on, simply press the power button located at the rear of the unit. The LED light within the tube will flash to indicate that the unit is on. There is also a small light next the power bottom that will blink when the tracer unit is switched on.

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Having a portable and lightweight device that can measure the muzzle velocity of your airsoft replica is not a must have in airsoft but is always very handy to have especially if this device is already attached to your replica.

To use the Lighter BT as a chrono, you will need to download Acetech AceSoft App which is available for both IOS and Android phones. Once downloaded, the tracer unit connects to the app via Bluetooth (thus the BT designation). Turn the unit on and the app and wait for the device to connect. The connected device will show on the screen. The connection is not instant and takes a few seconds so be patient. When connected, the app will show the RPM, Ft/S and Joules readings or measurement. Unfortunately the device only has 0.2g bb weight on its menu which again is not a big issue since you would know what weight BB you are using the should know what muzzle velocity you are trying to achieve.

The reaction times of the chrono readings are pretty quick. The FPS readings were reasonably close to what I expected them to considering the weight of the BBs I’m using. But the joule measurement was showing high readings which I will need to have a look into.


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The chrono measuring feature of the Lighter BT is for me a bonus. What I really like about it is its tracer unit function. Also, for me to test the tracer unit, Acetech sent me some tracer BBs.

To activate the tracer unit, you will need to press the power button for 5 seconds while the unit is on. Wait for the small light to flash green for green tracer BBs and red for red tracer BBs. The LED light within the tracer unit will flash each time the replica is fired giving it a muzzle flash effect thus making the tracer BBs glow.


There has been an influx of airsoft gadgets such as the AceTech Lighter BT in the past years. Others see them as unnecessary need but for me if they work and the quality is good then why not?

AceTech made a fantastic job on the Lighter BT. The make and quality are very good. It looks and feels solid and looks good on the replica. Personally, I don’t play night games or in places where it’s dark so the tracer unit feature is not really that useful for me although I would say that it was a lot of fun when I was testing it. The red BBs looked like they were proper tracer rounds being fired from the rifle.

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The chrono feature feature of the Lighter BT will probably be more useful for me for testing replicas and also to make sure that you are within site limits when you go out and play in a new place.

Big thanks to our friends from AceTech for sending me these samples for testing.

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