Popular Airsoft’s Duck Norris Successfully Completes First Overseas Mission


Duck Norris MOA 2023

Move over Darkwing Duck! There is a new duck in town and his name is Duck Norris who has joined the Popular Airsoft crew for his first overseas mission --- to go undercover gathering intel at the recently concluded MOA Exhibition 2023.

Well, the undercover part was just too much for Duck Norris, so he just went around the trade event in full public view which made his intel-gathering task easier. Everyone was willing to share information when asked.

He was able to charm his way into the hearts of exhibitors as he got to interact with airsoft business owners and representatives. Even booth babes were not able to get enough of him. Rather than have him as an operative, he performed well as an ambassador.

Need proof? There are lots of photos catching him in action, inspecting airsoft guns as week as having the attention of some of the who’s who in the airsoft business in East Asia. You can see some of them below, but you will see all of them on Popular Airsoft’s Facebook Page.

Duck Norris MOA 2023 02


Duck Norris MOA 2023 03


Duck Norris MOA 2023 04


Duck Norris MOA 2023 05


Duck Norris MOA 2023 06


Duck Norris MOA 2023 07


Duck Norris MOA 2023 08


Duck Norris MOA 2023 09

You’ll be seeing more of Duck Norris in action in the future as he is officially appointed as Popular Airsoft’s brand ambassador. He has big responsibilities now for us.

Thanks to artist and singer Jack Browning for giving Duck Norris his name. He is also a fellow airsofter.

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