Popular Airsoft Takes Cover For A Much Deserved Easter Break!


PA Easter 2024

The Easter Bunny isn't the only one hopping this holiday! Here at Popular Airsoft, the sound of BBs will be replaced by the gentle lull of the off-season. So tomorrow, on Good Friday the 29th of March, we drop our pens and silence our clacking keyboards to get a much deserved break. No news and stories to be posted on Popular Airsoft in the next three days.

For our snowbound readers, Easter Break means a strategic retreat from the cold. They're swapping their camo for swimsuits, trading the battlefield for the beach. Meanwhile, those basking in tropical heat are probably seeking refuge from the sun's relentless assault, maybe with a frosty beverage in hand (not a bad tactic!).

This well-deserved break extends to our team as well. We're all taking a breather from our day jobs and the daily grind. Some of us will be disappearing on covert missions of our own, while others will be enjoying the peace and quiet of an airsoft-free home.

But fear not, warriors! This respite is just a temporary ceasefire. After this weekend, the airsoft season reloads with a bang! Major skirmishes are erupting worldwide, with Europe and North America gearing up for epic battles throughout the coming months. This is our last chance to catch our breath before the airsoft adrenaline hits summer overdrive.

We'll be back in full force on Monday, 1st April (don't worry, this April Fool's Day joke won't involve any rogue BBs!). In the meantime, we'll still be keeping an eye out for intel – news updates may be deployed if the opportunity arises.

Wishing everyone a Happy Easter, and may your break be filled with relaxation and victory (over that pesky Easter egg hunt, perhaps?)!

As always you can watch the annual bunny that airsofters watch for Easter --- Cat Shit One!

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