Valken Debrief Airsoft Live Show #110


Valken Debrief Airsoft Live Show #110

Now we're back to another recorded version of the Valken Debrief Live Show Series. On episode 110, they have Matt Horner of Titan Power as special guest... "Kaiju and Peltast get to hang out and chat with Matt Horner from Titan Power and hear about all his other businesses, such as Ozark Shirts, Interwebs Group, Shitty Merch, and more!

The Valken Debrief is an airsoft livecast with our co-hosts the Kaiju and Peltast, which can be seen on our Valken Airsoft Facebook page every Thursday evening at 8pm Eastern / 7pm Central. Every episode of the Valken Debrief is sponsored by Enola Gaye and Enola Gaye USA."

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