Timerzanov Airsoft Special Episode With The Watersoft M19


Timerzanov Airsoft Special Episode With The Watersoft M19

Timerzanov Airsoft gets to try a gel blaster which is also being called "watersoft"... "Hello everyone! Today I bring you a special little video! I will be testing today for the first time an Orbeez Pistol, more commonly a Gel Bead Blaster. So I invite you to discover with me the Watersoft M19! So enjoy the video everyone!

What is a Watersoft M19? : The revolution of pleasure! The WATERSOFT M19 is a revolutionary toy. Accompanied by its non-toxic, ecological and biodegradable orbeez: they are safe for people, pets and the environment! Orbeez are colorful water beads that burst on contact and immediately begin to disintegrate, leaving no residue.

Is it like airsoft or paintball? : Less pain, less preparation, less mess but same pleasure! They are more accessible in relation to the age restriction especially since they are more easily transportable and manageable.

Thanks to the Watersoft brand for sending me this product!"

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