Thyrm Desert Night Camo Hat


Thyrm Desert Night Camo Hat

Now available at their online store is the Thyrm Desert Night Camo Hat... "At Thyrm, we’re all about innovative solutions to real-world problems. We realized there was a substantial need in the marketplace to defeat obsolete Soviet-era night vision technology, especially for the front half of user’s heads. With no one innovating in this crucial segment of the market, we partnered with world-renowned designers to develop a next-generation solution that brings desert night camouflage squarely into the 1990s.  Our desert night camouflage pattern includes an upgraded grid resolution and our subtle Norse axe and gear logos that have been unscientifically proven to counteract hammer and sickle-based optics."

Thyrm Desert Night Camo Hat 02


Thyrm Desert Night Camo Hat 03


Thyrm Desert Night Camo Hat 04

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