OP: Sudden Strike by Colorado Milsim Productions 28-30 September 2007


Colorado Milsim LLC., a company just recently founded this year by Casey W. Meraz and his partners Robert Daihl and Tom Allred, is organising OP: Sudden Strike which will be held on the 28th to the 30th of September 2007. Mr. Meraz and his partners bring over 30 years of combined airsoft and leadership experience to the company. The venue will be in Northern Colorado, 30 miles north of Ft. Collins.

OP: Sudden Strike

Operation: Sudden Strike

Intel Report:
The US knows that Al Qaeda has been rebuilding since the US led invasion of Afghanistan. Currently the US has been unable to attack the rebuilding organization located in the rugged mountain regions near the Afghanistan border in Pakistan. With new information on an upcoming terrorist threat the US has no other option, but to attack Al Qaeda in Pakistan, without the permission of ht Pakistani government. A team of rangers and special forces are scheduled to eliminate the threat on September 28-30, 2007.

When:September 28-30, 2007

Where:Northern Colorado - about 30 miles north of Ft. Collins

Cost:$50.00 Per Person

What you get:
Gameplay on Saturday - Sunday
Camping Friday - Sunday
OP: Sudden Strike T-Shirt
Raffle Ticket
Commemorative OP Patch
Organized & Challenging Gameplay lead by US Military Leaders
Access to the Airsoft Marketplace - Multiple vendors and products onsite
A fully marshaled game with 12 dedicated game staff members

Food will be for sale on-site

The current prize list is being updated weekly. Currently we have AEG's,upgrades, ammo, and much more to give away! - Full list coming soon.

Teams / Uniforms:
The teams will be broken up into 8 man squads. If you prefer to play with others please reference this during online registration. If you have no fire team preference, we will assign you accordingly. Any size groups are welcome.

US Rangers - Woodland Camo / ACU
US Special Forces - MARPAT Forest/Multicam (ONLY 20 SPOTS FOR US SF)
Pakistan Army - 3 or 6 color Desert Camouflage
Terrorist Militia- No Camouflage

Minimum Age:13 Years old with parent signature

Field Description:
Over 140 acres of rolling hills, trees, small villages, bunkers, large rocks, and beautiful scenery.

Military Style flameless smoke bombs will be for sale on the field. These are 4 minute smokes.
Game control will be using different small pyro devices to make the gameplay more intense. All outside pyro or smoke bombs need to be approved by Game Control PRIOR to the event. Please contact us at [email protected] or check their website.

The rule set is referenced from the OPERATION LIONCLAWS SERIES. Our modified version can be found here.

Tentative Schedule:
Friday 5:00PM - Check In Opens

Saturday 9:30AM - Check In Closes
Saturday 10:00AM - Scenario 1 Begins
Saturday 1:00PM - Lunch Break
Saturday 2:00PM - Scenario 2 Begins
Saturday 4:00PM - Break
Saturday 5:00PM - Scenario 3 Begins
Saturday 6:30PM - Dinner Break
Saturday 8:00PM - Night Game Begins
Saturday 9:30OM - Movies on our big screen!

Sunday 8:00AM - Wake Up
Sunday 10:00AM - Gameplay Begins
Sunday 12:30PM - Gameplay Ends
Sunday 1:00PM - Raffle Time! 

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