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Custom Length Airsoft External Barrels

Airsoft3D Custom Length Airsoft External Barrels

Airsoft3D announce their Custom Length External Barrels for airsoft guns... "Part of the fun of playing airsoft is being able to gunsmith your airsoft guns. Changing the inner barrel length could give you a performance boost. Changing the muzzle and the external barrel could give your airsoft gun a unique personality.

Traditionally, external barrel extensions comes in a few fixed sizes, so airsoft techies are forced to used the next shortest barrel extension to hide inner barrels. Using 3D printed nylon polymer technology, Airsoft3D now makes external barrels to your specified length at 1mm increments. You can specify the exact length you need based to hide the inner barrel and match it to the front muzzle perfectly. The nylon polmer material ensures low-weight in addition to high rigidty to ABS plastic.

The use of 3D printing for custom length external barrel and barrel extensions is a huge game changer in the airsoft industry. Airsoft3D has the abilty to make external barrels for 14mm- or 14mm+ thread. The barrel extensions can even have 14mm- thread on one end and 14mm+ thread on the other end.

'Airsoft3D can produce each barrel to the customer's specification, because each one is produced on demand. It's difficult for traditional retailers to carry all the barrel lengths in inventory.'

Using cutting-edge, professional, 3D printing technology, Airsoft3D is able to deliver these high quality parts to airsoft techs and you. The external barrel can be printed in a variety of colors to individualize the airsoft gun for a fantastic look. Contact Airsoft3D to make the perfect barrel extension for you.

Availability and Price

Airsoft3D parts are produced and distributed by the Sculpteo and Shapeways marketplaces. Sculpteo has production facility in Europe and the United States. Shapeways has production facility in the U.S. Both of them are able to ship globally. Online ordering is super easy and secure via PayPal.

Amazon and eBay sellers are also carrying Airsoft3D products. They providing faster delivery and many value-added services. Airsoft3D welcomes Wholesaler and resellers inquiry.

All offers subject to change without notice or obligation and may not be available through all retail partners. Prices listed are suggested retail prices and may vary by retail location. Applicable taxes extra. Trademarks used herein are the trademarks of their respective owners."