Comp-Tac CT3 Level 3 Holster Now Available


Comp-Tac CT3 Level 3 Holster

If you have been waiting for the Comp-Tac CT3 Level 3 Holster since it was announced in July, it is now available to order at their online store... "The CT3 is a Level 3 holster that uses friction, an ejection port lock, and a hood that must be released before the firearm can be drawn. The CT3 is designed with the intent that a master grip is achieved before fully withdrawing the weapon. This combined with the autolocking ejection port lock and the intuitive self-activated hood system makes this one of the fastest Level 3 holsters available on the market today. This holster is available for fits with lights and in fits without lights.

The CT3 comes with a belt mount and integrated drop offset already assembled, however among the list of additional accessories is also a mid ride belt mount and the QLS Adaptor plate.

Key Features:

  • 3 levels of retention
  • Available for fits with lights and without lights
  • Belt mount is designed to keep the firearm from canting into the wearer's leg
  • Allows for a Master Grip before fully withdrawing the firearm
  • Hood can be released without releasing firearm
  • One of the fastest draws in the Level 3 market
  • Very intuitive to use"

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