Barrel Bags And Dead Rags At Airsoft Station


Airsoft Station Barrel Bags And Dead Rags

Having barrel bags and dead rags always in your kit bag ready to be used for keeping safe and not being hit twice on your way to the respawn area should always be a habit. If you don't have these, just go to Airsoft Station as they got these available... "Avoid getting shot after you've already been eliminated by visibly displaying a dead rag from your body or pack. This Official Airsoft Station Dead Rag is a bright red color to avoid confusion on the battlefield, keeping you safer. The lightweight fabric used for this dead rag adds hardly any additional weight to your lowdown, and can be folded or stuffed into small pockets and pouches. Airsoft Station wants you to be safe at all times during airsoft warfare, so we took the liberty of printing a set of base rules on each rag that should be followed to avoid injury. Run back onto the battlefield confident you have everything you need to have fun and be safe, and pick yourself up the Official Airsoft Station Dead Rag today."

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24 Jun 2021

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