New Products From Firefield, Sightmark, Inforce, & KJI For IWA Outdoor Classics 2024

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Sightmark XTM-3 Magnifier

Sellmark OOD, the European HQ for Texas-based Sellmark will be an exhibitor for this week's IWA Outdoor Classics 2024 in Nuremberg, Germany. Sellmark builds successful outdoor brands across specific categories - night vision, scopes, camping gear, and more. Some of the products they will be having on display during Europe’s largest outdoors, hunting, and firearms event are from Firefield, Sightmark, Inforce, and KJI.

If you’ll be dropping by their booth at Hall 3A / 3A-621, you’ll be able to look at the following new products for 2024:

Firefield Hexcore HD 1-3x Night Vision Binoculars

Firefield Hexcore HD 1-3x Night Vision Binoculars

The Hexcore HD 1-3x Digital Night Vision Binoculars come with a high-performance 1280x720 CMOS digital night vision sensor that the manufacturer says provides unparalleled clarity, transforming your perception of the nocturnal world. The 640x360 TFT LCD display augments contrast, resulting in crystal-clear images that make every detail stand out. The binoculars also feature a built-in video recorder that can capture HD 1280x720 resolution footage for up to 11 hours, ensuring you don't miss a moment even in the darkest environments. Additionally, they offer HD 1280x720 photo resolution, allowing you to save your stunning images in JPEG format.

Firefield Hexcore HD 1-3x Night Vision Binoculars 02

The Hexcore’s 1-3x digital zoom is another impressive feature. It brings distant objects into close view, facilitating detailed exploration. The binoculars also have an integrated IR illuminator with a high mode power of 2200mW, which guarantees clear visibility even in total darkness.

Firefield Hexcore HD 1-3x Night Vision Binoculars 03

The Hexcore HD is powered by four included AA batteries, providing up to 8 hours of continuous daytime use. These binoculars are versatile and adapt to any lighting conditions and settings, whether you're venturing out during the day or night. They come with a DNV head mount that allows you to convert them into night vision goggles for a hands-free experience.

Sightmark XTM-3 Magnifier

Sightmark XTM-3 Magnifier 02

The XTM-3 is the most compact and lightest magnifier available in today's market. This magnifier, which weighs a mere 8.1oz and measures 3 inches in length, is equipped with an 18mm objective lens. It offers 3x magnification, making it compatible with a broad range of rifle-mounted red dot sights.

Sightmark XTM-3 Magnifier 03Sightmark XTM-3 Magnifier 04


The XTM-3 Magnifier is designed with a practical flip-to-side mechanism and a straightforward locking quick detach mount, keeping user convenience and ergonomics at the forefront. The magnifier is built with a shockproof 6061 aluminium housing. It boasts an IPX7 waterproof rating and a nitrogen-filled chamber to prevent fogging, ensuring its durability and longevity.

Sightmark XTM-3 Magnifier 05

Despite being the most compact and lightest in the market, the XTM-3 Magnifier does not compromise on quality. Like all Sightmark products, it adheres to high-quality standards. Its construction features a shockproof 6061 aluminium housing, an IPX7 waterproof rating, and a nitrogen-filled chamber to ward off fog.

Sightmark Presidio 5-30x56 HDR-4 IR Riflescope

Sightmark Presidio 5-30x56 HDR-4 IR Riflescope

The Presidio 5-30x56 is a high-performance optic designed with a sleek and stealthy appearance. It offers a broad magnification range, making it suitable for close to mid-range shooting. The first focal plane reticle is calibrated, and the optic can be used with a maximum calibre of .338. It also features red reticle illumination, enhancing contrast against targets and facilitating low light shooting. The optics are fully multi-coated, ensuring superior image quality.

The Presidio 5-30x56 is equipped with capped, low-profile turrets that produce clear, audible clicks. The aggressive exterior 'knurling' adds a distinct tactile feel, providing shooters with greater confidence when adjusting windage and elevation. The optic is built with zero stops, a single-piece 30mm tube, and aircraft-grade aluminium construction, making it extremely accurate and durable.

Sightmark Presidio 5-30x56 HDR-4 IR Riflescope 02

This optic is IP67 rated, making it waterproof and dust-proof, and is suitable for a variety of firearms, including ARs and bolt action rifles. The package includes a flip-up lens cap, a handy throw lever, and one CR2032 battery. The Presidio 5-30x56 is designed to withstand the elements and perform reliably under various conditions.

Sightmark Presidio 5-30x56 HDR-4 IR Riflescope 03

The package includes an AR Riser Fixed Mount, flip-up lens covers, and a throw lever attachment. The battery used is a CR2032, and one is included in the package. The features of the Presidio 5-30x56 include a scratch-resistant lens coating, a 6:1 zoom ratio, 5-30x magnification, exposed low-profile locking turrets, a zero-stop elevation dial, fully multi-coated optics, a first focal plane reticle, a hard anodized finish, a red illuminated reticle, a single-piece 30mm tube, and shockproof construction with aircraft-grade aluminium. It is also IP67-rated for dustproof and waterproof performance.

INFORCE Unveils the WML White Gen 3

INFORCE Unveils the WML White Gen 3

The WML White Gen 3 offers key advantages over its predecessors. It boasts a beam intensity of over 10,000 candelas, more than double that of its predecessor, providing users with unmatched visibility in a variety of situations. Despite this increased intensity, the WML White Gen 3 impressively maintains a battery life of 1.5 hours on a single CR123a battery, ensuring sustained performance without compromising runtime.

The WML White Gen 3 also features a versatile beam range of 200 meters, making it adaptable for both close-quarter engagements and mid-range shooting. Whether it's mounted on a shotgun, a pistol-calibre carbine, or a rifle, this weapon light provides optimal illumination. The user interaction is redefined by an ergonomic non-slip button, contoured to the shape of the human thumb, making tape switches obsolete. The flip safety ensures the device is only activated when the user intends it to be.

INFORCE Unveils the WML White Gen 3 02

Inforce has prioritized quality in the construction of the WML White Gen 3, using glass-reinforced nylon to make it resistant to dirt, sand, and other solid debris. It's waterproof up to 20 meters, ensuring reliable performance in various environmental conditions. Despite its durability, the WML White Gen 3 is lightweight, making it the perfect companion for any rifleman or hunter. Its design reflects Inforce's commitment to reliability and quality, with features such as a 450 Lumen output on high mode, a safety lever to minimize accidental discharge, and a non-slip switch controlling constant, momentary, and strobe functions.

The KJI's Mag Series To Revolutionize Rifle Handling

KJI is thrilled to introduce the revolutionary Mag Series. This transformative solution is designed to enhance the rifle handling experience. The Mag Series, with its two cutting-edge adapters, offers unparalleled stability, control, and precision for shooters aiming to maximize their performance.

KJI Sling Stud Adapter

The M-Lok Handguard Adapter, a part of the Mag Series, exemplifies KJI's dedication to innovation in firearm accessories. This adapter flawlessly merges with your firearm's M-Lok handguard, offering a stable and versatile platform for the Mag Series. 

Key features of the M-Lok Handguard Adapter include effortless attachment and detachment. The Mag Series M-Lok adapter ensures a swift and trouble-free setup. You simply position the steel ball onto the magnetic adapter to connect your KJI Mag. Detachment is just as straightforward – a simple tilt of your weapon to the left or right allows for easy removal.


The Sling Stud Adapter is another innovative product from the Mag Series, designed for shooters who favour a sling stud interface on their firearm. This adapter flawlessly integrates with your rifle's sling stud, providing stability and precision. It boasts a smooth 360° pan and tilt range, enabling you to effortlessly track and engage targets with unmatched precision.

Both adapters in the Mag Series share universal features. They are constructed from durable aluminium and ABS, ensuring longevity and reliability even under the most challenging conditions. The Mag Series offers a hassle-free experience with its intuitive design that allows for quick setup and takedown. Furthermore, it guarantees a smooth and precise 360° pan and tilt range, enabling shooters of all skill levels to improve their rifle handling abilities.

The KJI Reaper Hellbound Weapon Grip Gets Introduced

KJI Reaper Hellbound Weapon Grip

KJI is thrilled to introduce the Reaper Hellbound, a weapon grip crafted for hunters who value mechanical simplicity. This product embodies KJI's dedication to providing reliable and efficient solutions for shooters, without sacrificing the brand's signature strength and recoil control. The Hellbound is a testament to functionality, designed with a focus on straightforward operation.

The Reaper Hellbound is a no-nonsense weapon grip that caters to hunters who prefer simplicity in their equipment. Its mechanical design guarantees ease of use, while still offering the robust grip and recoil control that KJI is famous for. This grip is not just about simplicity, it's about delivering performance where it matters most.

KJI Reaper Hellbound Weapon Grip 02

The Hellbound retains the vice-like grip of the original Reaper, ensuring a secure hold on your firearm for stability and control with each shot. The design of the grip minimizes recoil, allowing hunters to keep their focus on the target. It's about making every shot count, and the Hellbound delivers on that promise.

Designed with mobility in mind, the Hellbound features a lightweight construction that makes it the perfect choice for hunters on the move. Despite its lighter build, it doesn't compromise on durability. Additionally, the Hellbound offers a smooth 360° pan and tilt range (111° with 22° up and 87° down), providing versatility for various shooting scenarios.

The Hellbound's offset grip design allows for magazine changes with the rifle mounted, enhancing efficiency in critical moments. It also enables easy manipulation for seamless adjustments in the field. The Hellbound also features ergonomic controls for user comfort, simplifying operation for hunters of all skill levels. Lastly, the tensioning screw on the Hellbound allows for fine-tuning of movement, catering to shooters who demand customization for optimal performance.

All these new products and more will be on display at the Sellmark booth at the IWA Outdoor Classics 2024, Just check them out Hall 3A / 3A-621.

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