The New Daniel Defense H9 Handgun Reduces Recoil For Quicker, More Level Firing

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Daniel Defense H9

A name that many airsoft players who use AR-style airsoft rifles are very familiar with is a new player in the world of handguns, and it's making quite a splash. The Daniel H9, the first handgun ever produced by Daniel Defense, is here to change how handguns are to be fired. Known for their legendary AR-style and bolt-action rifles, Daniel Defense has ventured into new territory with the H9.

The H9 isn't just special because it's a first for Daniel Defense. It's special in its own right. This compact, lightweight handgun is feature-heavy, extremely accurate, and a joy to shoot. Weighing in at just over 29 ounces, the H9 is highly maneuverable and light enough for concealed carry.

Daniel Defense H9 02

The H9's aircraft-grade aluminum frame not only keeps the weight down but also makes this handgun rugged and durable enough for use in even the most extreme conditions. The first thing you'll notice when you hold a Daniel H9 is its thin profile. Unlike some other striker-fired handguns, the H9 is not thick or unwieldy.

The handgun's overall aesthetic is pleasing to the eye. It's not brick-like or blocky in any way. In fact, its styling is modern and even a bit futuristic. While the look of your handgun may not be at the top of your priority list, the H9 is sure to turn heads at the range.

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Daniel Defense H9 04

Contributing to the handgun’s slimness is a 15-round double-stack magazine, which is among the thinnest in the industry and is coated with a low-friction finish for easy insertion and removal. The H9 provides a natural feel and “pointability”.

Daniel Defense H9 05

The H9 has been described as a striker-fired pistol meets a 1911, and it points and feels precisely like that. If you’re used to shooting 1911s but have been interested in crossing over to a striker-fired handgun, this is the handgun for you. The H9 provides the best of both worlds. The easy-shooting, hard-hitting, made-in-America Daniel H9 is built to last a lifetime.

The H9 has a low bore axis, which means it sits low in your hand and there’s less gun protruding up above your hand than handguns with a higher bore axis. With less gun sitting above your hand, more of the gun’s recoil drives straight back into the meaty part of your hand, which helps reduce muzzle flip.

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Handguns with a higher bore axis tend to have more muzzle flip because, when recoil drives the gun back into your hand, your hand serves as a fulcrum and the muzzle flips up. It may be basic physics, but it definitely makes a difference. More muzzle flip means your sights jump farther off target, which means it takes more time to reacquire your sight picture, resulting in slower follow-up shots.

The H9, with its slim profile and low bore axis, is designed to enhance your shooting skills by offering superior control for faster, flatter shooting. It combines the ergonomics and straight-pull trigger of the classic 1911 with the features of a modern striker-fired handgun, including ambidextrous controls, an accessory rail, and optics readiness. Despite its lightweight aircraft-grade aluminum grip, the DANIEL H9 maintains the renowned durability of Daniel Defense, all centered around a cold hammer forged barrel.

Daniel Defense H9 08

While the H9 gets into the real world, many airsoft players are looking forward to the airsoft-friendly company to license it to a trusted and reliable airsoft manufacturer. It is hoped that it won't be for long.

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