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Meet The Arquus Scarabee: A Crab-Walking, Remote-Controlled Armoured Vehicle

Submitted by Gungho Cowboy on Tue, 07/09/2019 - 02:22
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Arquus Scarabee

From time to time we feature some military or custom vehicles that can be used for tactical purposes. For this feature, we feature something that can be considered unique as it is an armoured vehicle that can do an almost crab-like moving ability, which means a sideways style and at the same time can be controlled remotely.

Designed by Arquus, a subsidiary of the Volvo Group based in France, the Scarabee is four-wheel steering 4-man armoured vehicle with adaptive suspension and a payload rating of 4,000 pounds. The vehicle was on display during last month’s Paris Air Show, and is one of the candidates as the French Army’s future light armoured vehicle.

According to Popular Science, “Scarabee” which means “beetle” in French, has advanced composite and steel protective armor plating and can be droppable from a low height without the need for a parachute. It has two engines --- one electric and one diesel and we assume the electric engine will allow it to be stealthy on its approach towards and objective as electric vehicles are usually quiet. It is speedy with the ability to go over 75mph. With both the electric and diesel engines working at the same time, it can accelerate quickly, especially when an anti-armour missile is coming its way and needs to get out of dodge quick.

Arquus Scarabee 02

It has sliding doors for its occupants to immediately get out especially in tight spaces where hinged doors can turn into obstacles and there are no handles  on the door outside as it can only be opened by remote and that also provides extra protection for the crew inside. Weapons can be mounted such as a 2.7mm heavy machine-gun turret or a medium range missile launcher. A radar can also be mounted as well.

With its electric motor, it can be fuel efficient and it is further helped with fuel-efficient tires. As an added touch, it has an electric trailer that can help carry additional equipment of up to two tonnes and also act as a mule that can move on its own to and is just limited by battery power. With its all-wheel steering system, it can move crab-like and has incredibly tight turning radius that makes it turn around quickly.

A well-though of vehicle that should make it one of the strongest candidates in the Armée de terre, the Scarabee offers a lot of features that are hard to ignore. But its capabilities will be tested during the selection process where the candidates will be undergoing a battery of tests to check their performance in the field. We’ll find out soon.

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