MBDA To Rev Up Production Of Its New Enforcer Missile


MBDA Enforcer

The European Commission is evaluating a proposal to financially support a significant increase in production of the Enforcer, a new man-portable missile system developed by MBDA, a European missile manufacturer. According to a report by European Security & Defense, this initiative, called the Enforcer Production Increase Campaign (EPIC), falls under the Commission's Act in Support of Ammunition Production (ASAP) program.

The ASAP program itself is a direct response to the ongoing war in Ukraine. Launched in March 2023, it aims to address the urgent need to supply ammunition and missiles to Ukraine and to help European Union member states replenish their own stocks depleted by weapon donations.

For airsoft product designers looking for a new launcher design to replicate after the release of the VFC USSOCOM M3 MAAWS Gas Grenade Launcher (Carl Gustaf), the MBDA Enforcer can be a good candidate.

MBDA Enforcer 02

The Enforcer missile entered serial production in late 2023 after Germany placed an initial order in December 2020. Designed to be lightweight and cost-effective, the Enforcer is intended to provide infantry and special forces with increased standoff capability. This disposable, shoulder-launched weapon system boasts high precision and can engage various targets, including lightly armored vehicles, moving threats, and positions hidden behind cover.

The Enforcer's modular design allows for potential future development, including the possibility of a whole family of Enforcer munitions.

The Enforcer program, led by Germany and involving multiple nations, began development in 2014 following a successful demonstration phase. Following the development phase, the Enforcer has undergone six successful test firings to validate its technology and design.

MBDA Enforcer 03


This new missile concept falls into the lightweight, disposable, shoulder-launched munition category with a range of approximately 2 kilometers. The modular design, as mentioned earlier, paves the way for a potential future family of Enforcer munitions. Key features of the Enforcer include a fire-and-forget missile system, high accuracy throughout its range, and the ability to lock onto targets before launch.

The Enforcer is specifically designed to effectively engage lightly armored vehicles, unarmored targets, and light infrastructure. It is envisioned for use in increasingly complex military operations while minimizing collateral damage. The system can be operated from behind cover or even from confined spaces.

MBDA Enforcer 04

A single soldier can carry and operate the Enforcer, minimizing their exposure to enemy fire. It is also compatible with the existing Wirkmittel 90 weapon system, making it a versatile addition to current infantry weapon arsenals.

MBDA is marketing the Enforcer as a multi-purpose munition that complements existing shoulder-fired infantry weapons. Compared to heavy machine guns and automatic grenade or rocket launchers, the Enforcer offers significant advantages for infantry and special forces due to its superior range and effectiveness. Apart from the ability to take on a wide range of static and moving targets the missile can also be used for counter-sniper.

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