Lots of Gas Blowbacks At The MOA Exhibition 2023 (Day 1 Report)


MOA 2023 Day 1

We're through the first day of the MOA Exhibition 2023 in Taipei and our first observation is that most of the known companies in airsoft in Taiwan are lining up new or expanding their gas blowback offerings. We cannot tell some of these for now until the companies send us more detailed information, or we shall post these details via product presentations at the Popular Airsoft YouTube Channel.

There are more exhibitors than ever since MOA Exhibition resumed after the lifting of Covid-19 restrictions by the Taiwanese government in 2022, and it was one of the strictest. 

MOA 2023 Day 1 02

Now going to the gas blowbacks, you will see in the MOA Exhibition 2023 Day 1 album which we posted on Facebook that VFC is improving as well as expanding its GBB offering such as the BCM Air MCMR Series and an GBBs which they will discuss with me tomorrow. BOLT Airsoft, whose bread and butter are its BRSS (Bolt Recoil Shock System) and the closest competitor to the Tokyo Marui NGRS line has joined in the gas blowback market as well. ICS already has its BLE series, their gas blowback pistol series, G&G which is not present is also expanding GBBs, and that leaves LCT Airsoft, amongst the bigger brands, without having a GBB line.

MOA 2023 Day 1 03


MOA 2023 Day 1 04


MOA 2023 Day 1 05

Speaking of LCT Airsoft, for those who love heavy airsoft guns they will be expanding their M60 line, which gives heavy gunners more options on what they can use as support weapons.

Archwick is also working had on its official relationship with B&T as it has increased its APC9 series of airsoft guns. 4UAD Smart Airsoft, the impressive video content creators who also make airsoft products, are pushing hard for the hop-up bucking which they say is much better than those already good buckings in the market.

As always, Northeast Airsoft got its laid-back sofa lounge setup once again highlighting the Uzi gas blowback series.

The famous airsoft gunsmith and practical shooter, Clarence Lai (also known as the Airsoft Surgeon) highlights his work of the CZ GBB pistols and revealed that he will be producing a limited run of the CZ TS 2 pistol series apart from the working on upgrades with the CZ Shadow 2 Orange. The TS 2 will be limited to 100 pieces and if you are an airsoft practical shooter, better get on the waiting list so as not to miss out.

MOA 2023 Day 1 07


MOA 2023 Day 1 06


MOA 2023 Day 07


MOA 2023 Day 1 08

Not to miss out is Maple Leaf as they have got gas blowback compact ARs that you would probably throw your money out. Just wait for our videos to learn what these are.

Check out over 200 photos on Facebook. Tomorrow will usher in even more information.

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