Incoming! Lego-Style “Block Arms” Accessories From Laylax’s First Factory

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Laylax FF Block Arms

Before you might dismiss this upcoming airsoft accessories from Laylax’s First Factory, which are blocks that will remind you of Lego bricks as only for kids, think again. Laylax may be just be hitting it right given that Lego actually has a big adult following. Lego has been targeting adults aggressively in recent years and according to a report on Nerdist last year, 100% of Lego sales online were from adults.

No surprise really given that we see a lot of adults heavily involved in some of the best Lego builds, especially made by those with engineering backgrounds. Why not try if here is a fit with such blocks to build accessories for use on airsoft guns?

Laylax FF Block Arms 02

Admittedly, it may not be to everyone’s taste, with the usual reason of not being tacticool. But if you have a love for Legos and airsoft, then why not combine both?

To be released this summer are the First Factory Block Arms which have been designed as Rail covers, M-Lok covers and Flash Hider. Just like Lego bricks, these are colourful blocks that you can mix match. As to what the combination is the best, it’s up to individual tastes. The colours available at white, red, blue, and black and who knows if there are more colours that will be released but that will depend on the reception of this first batch of blocks.

Laylax FF Block Arms 03


Laylax FF Block Arms 04


Laylax FF Block Arms 05

The Firs Factory Blocks are priced at JPY2,970 (US$22) for the Rail and M-Lok covers whilst the Flash Hider is JPY3,300 (US$24.50). Reservations are now being accepted in Japan and for those block-obsessed overseas who are interested in getting these, they will have to ask their local retailers to order these for them.

Laylax FF Block Arms 08


Laylax FF Block Arms 09


Laylax FF Block Arms 06


Laylax FF Block Arms 07

Perhaps Laylax may want to hold an airsoft Block Arms building competition to find out how airsofters can be creative with these just like the Lego Masters TV series.

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09 Aug 2022

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